Kinect dashboard navigation works while seated

We've been told before that the Xbox 360's Kinect would work when "an experience is developed with sitting in mind," but we hadn't had the opportunity to really test that. In a Gamescom meeting, where we saw the Kinect version of the Xbox dashboard, we tried out the menu system and movie controls to test its recognition of seated users

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Zir03013d ago

"According to Microsoft, Kinect was running on an improved version of the software used during E3 in June. The manufacturer is set to make further improvements before the camera's November debut."

With more than 3 months to go it should work flawlessly at launch.

DelbertGrady3013d ago

It's all explained here:

"There are floor moves in that game though, which Kinect might struggle with...
No. Because some will use skeletal tracking and if floor moves are important - which you can argue in that, they are - it's possible. We've proved it's possible - Kinect knows when the skeleton hits the floor. So what you have to do is jump to your own routines that work out what's now happening on the floor. It's absolutely possible. You just have to look at what your game design needs, and then work out what you have to write. These things are definitely coming, it just hasn't been done yet. Games programmers aren't used to image analysis, so that's what we're all learning, which is why we have a lot of programmers working in completely new areas. But interesting areas."

Bigpappy3013d ago

Kinect is in beta state. There is a lot more to be done. If people would atlease wait until it is released before bashing away, we could all discuss the flaws we would like addressed. As it is it is just too crazy on this site to talk ablout Kinect.

mcstorm3012d ago

You are both right Kinect offers us alot more than we have seen so far I think 12 months in Kinect will be the device to have out of the 3.

0mega43013d ago

microsoft has already stated that software will work sitting down as long as its designed that way.

and i think this is kinects only chance to succeed

as a multimedia enhancement no a controller replacement
the hand gestures for your multimedia and controller plus kinect games will do the best

TEFL0N_D0N_813013d ago

I hope it works fine. Quality control can be finicky you know. I'll probably pick this up in about 6 months to a year if they pick up some good momentum in software.

3013d ago
kenjix3013d ago

that are more of cmon ppl you have to believe in it, as opposed to Shock and Awe of amazement.

Wizziokid3013d ago

well that's good to hear.

GusBricker3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

C'mon, man!

30sec3013d ago

Mark that off the list! Now show some games that look worth playing, some core games that look worth playing and some console exclusives besides Kinect games and MAYBE your console/add-on won't get mopped by the Wii and PS3.

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