Sports Champion DLC Is Being Planned

Sony has confirmed upcoming PlayStation Move title Sports Champion will support DLC.

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Dorjan3036d ago

well, DLC is almost expected for each game now.

greengamer3036d ago

for a sports game though? Lets be honest not even FIFA has produced some decent DLC best they could do was add-on an extra game mode

DarkTower8053036d ago

Sports Champions is a game made up of many different sports, unlike Madden, FIFA, etc. Dlc could include additional sport games.

HydraxFFx3036d ago

I hate it when dlc is planned before the release of the game!

DJMarty3036d ago

It has to be in the game design from the start, thats why they make games with modula design.

It would be great if they offer more sports events as DLC.

DarkTower8053036d ago

Dlc is almost always planned nowadays, you just don't like being told about it.

Nihilism3036d ago

*claps closed fists like a retarded seal*

Oh thank you SOOOO much. Everyone join hands and give praise to the marketing gods, thous has given us a great gift this night...

jukins3036d ago

maybe there will be dlc that enables online play

TLG19913036d ago

great, this is what games like this need so they dont go old and boring

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