GamesCom 2010: Sorcery Still Looks Utterly Fantastic

PushSquare: "Sorcery was one of the surprise announcements at E3 that seemed to completely justify the PlayStation Move's existence. 40-or-so game announcements later, there's plenty more to get excited about regarding the PlayStation Move -- but Sorcery still looks like one of the stand-out titles in the motion controllers catalogue. We hope there's plenty of puzzles designed around the different magic spells. You get a glimpse in the trailer, where the wizard summons fire, then directs a tornado into it to create a fire-tornado. Simple stuff, but if the game works on that premise it could be very exciting indeed."

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mbmanhattan2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Cool youtube videos are now news????

Nitrowolf22952d ago

They aren't when the source is a direct link to youtube

0mega42952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

if you want to know about an sorcery easter egg

BubbleSystemSuck2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

ouch. some one eat 1 of your bubbles

Looking Fwd for this game.

This an KZ3

8-bit2952d ago

AND LITTLE BIG PLANET 2! in all caps to show excitement


All of them are Move Compatible.

This is why will be successful.

Imperator2952d ago

This is what sold me on move. Along with all the other amazing core titles supporting it.

The Lazy One2952d ago

Are there any videos of anything besides the tutorial level? I want to see some late game action.

sparta762952d ago

U can call me silly. But this game is the reason I'll be getting move.

jdktech20102952d ago

ok, you're silly

But seriously, some of the best use of the motion controls I've seen for the 360 and PS3 versions

I won't be getting them but buy to your hearts content I say

karl2952d ago

them im a silly bastard too

ABizzel12952d ago

To be honest I wish it had a different art style, I like the color and all, but it does look like Harry Potter, which will appeal to the younger audience, but I would rather have something like Oblivion mixed with Folklore, now that would be a game.

Legendary-Status2952d ago

Game look's great & fun... Move will be the Fun Factor for the PS3...while not loosing focus of what the PS3 main strength is...witch is Hard-Core..SONY doing great right now...

DigitalAnalog2952d ago

It would've ended in 1 book.

-End statement

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