PlayStation Move is for "Everyone, not just one particular kind of Gamer"

GamerZines writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's senior product manager has assured gamers during a live chat that PlayStation Move is targeting all players, not just those with a fetish for more casual experiences.

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0mega43040d ago

kinect is holding itself back by only having mass appeal to the casual market as the move appeals to both core and casuals

yet kinect may succeed as just an entertainment enhancement
for people to controller there multimedia functions with hand gestures
and middleware games with controller plus kinect support

R2D23040d ago

I am sure this is part of MS marketing strategy - It would be a best bet to go after the Wii crowd first instead of focusing on both the HARD CORE and CASUAL.

If Kinect is a hit with the casuals I can see MS aiming for the hardcore after and if its not a hit then more than likely it will be cancelled.

I also remeMBER MS saying that Kinect will be used for more than gaming. I guess you can kind of look at Kinect and gaming as a Beta to get companies and developers use to the tech. Dont be surprised to see next LG TV have some sort of Kinect version where you can use the remote or camera.

3040d ago
ArchangelMike3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

This is one of the best things going for move interms of market penetration! The different gamers who play MAG, Killzone 3, Socom 4, LBP, Dead Space 2, Sorcery, Sports Champions etc etc will all be getting Move.

Before the - "I'm too hardcore for motion controls" fanboys start lynching this comment, let me assure you that if while playing - 'insert favourite FPS' multiplayer, those players using Move may have greater accuracy and greater kill/death ratio. If this is indeed the case, you will see the tide turn dramatically.

It will then be the hardcore FPS fanboys who will go out an buy Move for better accuracy in their respective multiplayer shooters!

a08andan3040d ago

Anyone who has a complete list of the titles supporting move so far :)?

GusBricker3040d ago

It failed just like Wii fails with FPS.

It uses the gun as the cam, no thanks.