Gran Turismo 5: Official Kart Trailer Emerged

Sony released the official Kart trailer for Gran Turismo 5.

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cobraagent2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

This should be real fun. Most F1 racing drivers begin their career with karting

HeroXIV2923d ago

Got it in a little bit more quality than that?

cobraagent2923d ago

but i believe the video is just processing.

God_Of_Epicness2923d ago

Holy F*@#! WTF? Can a game get any better? Is it theoretically possible? Carting? You serious. That just confirms my Day 1 purchase.

InfectedDK2923d ago

GT5 = Perfectness is confirmed

IRetrouk2923d ago

this game is gonna be the shit.

GiggMan2923d ago

Seriously... They could have easily put some of these elements (Karting, Nascar etc.) into a stand alone game or made it DLC like most other companies would have. But no, in November you get all this GT5 goodness in one helping.... Well done.

piroh2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

fullHD 1080p
60 fps
500,000 polygons per car
16 cars on track
damage, skidmarks
real physics
interactive tracks
dynamic weather
day/night cycle
online lobby
photo mode
custom soundtrack
around 1000 stunning cars
around 100 tracks
course maker
PS Move
wheel compatibility
A-Spec, B-Spec
Deep Forest, High Speed Ring, Grand Valley, Trial Mountain

Megaton2923d ago

...and other people wanna talk about "definitive". They don't even know the meaning of the word.

I don't even like sim racing and I wanna play GT5. The last sim racer I played was GT2.

Sitdown2922d ago

Unless I missed these features in GT5....people still like games like Burnout and Twisted until such racing genres are included, your question is easily answered.

PS Did you really list skidmarks? I mean come on, I have my collector's edition pre-ordered just like everybody else....but did you really list skidmarks? Hahaha

piroh2922d ago

damage and skidmarks are there for the first time in GT history

yeah i plan to buy ModNation Racers sometime this year when community content will be rich and next year Motorstorm Apocalypse

yewles12922d ago

You forgot:

YouTube Recording/Upload
PSEye Head Tracking
Spectator Mode
Real Time Data Logger
Historic Races
GT Academy

And still more...

piroh2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

endurance races

2923d ago
gedapeleda2923d ago

This will rape mario kart

DirtyLary2923d ago

This will rape Out Run '85

moparful992922d ago

If GOD played a video game it would be GT5.

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