Gamescom 2010: Guild Wars 2 Could Come To Consoles

NowGamer speaks to Guild Wars 2 game designer Jeff Grubb at Gamescom, about the possibility of the MMORPG coming to consoles.

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Chris3993011d ago

A friend of mine, who I play MMOs with has a relatively ancient rig - this is great news for people like him.

Persistantthug3010d ago

But my PC's old now and I don't have the money to buy another.

So Guild Wars 2 on the PS3 would be great.

This game could be a smash hit for NC Soft because there's no monthly fee, and Console gamers like to come and go and go and come to new and old games all of the time.....GW is the perfect MMORPG for them.

NC Soft would be a fool if it doesn't make this happen.

Wizziokid3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

this would work well with consoles because it's not a full mmo unless your in a town area, but MS would probably do what they are doing with square and not give them the rights to a more open xbox live service. PS3 on the other hand, it could go on straight away, but my guess is they will wait and see how the other mmo's on console man up before they make a decision.

Chris3993011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

And we haven't seen anything come of that yet (well one game, but it was cancelled). So yeah, PS3 is probably a safe bet.

Oh and GW2 is a full, persistent MMO now, not just a series of instances and hubs.

Edit @wizz, yeah TOR looks good. Bioware tend to oversaturate their games with dialog trees a bit too much for my tastes though, and it still follows the old tank/ healer/ dos template. I'll play it (as I'm an MMO junkie) but I have a feeling GW2 is gonna really deliver. They have some REALLY unique ideas (no tank/ healer/ dps for one, all classes have some measure of self-sufficiency). Check out their developer interviews on their official site.

Wizziokid3011d ago

Oh they made it a full MMO? that's really good news as the reason I quite the fist GW was because of the constant instance crap.

Look forward to seeing how well it plays, but it's between this and Star Wars: The old republic next year for me, so far TOR is winning.

Darkfiber3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Eh, don't take that too far. I wouldn't expect anything like a big open sandbox MMO would offer in terms of persistent MMOs. It will still be heavily instanced:

"While Guild Wars 2 adds a persistent-world experience, it retains the unique characteristics of the original game, including strong narrative, extensive instanced gameplay, anti-grind design philosophy, and strong support for competitive play."

It's about the only way they can get away with not having monthly fees or microtransactions.

Also, you should set your Star Wars and Bioware fanboyism aside and actually look at The Old Republic for what it is. It looks incredibly outdated in terms of gameplay and incredibly generic in terms of everything else. The only thing it really prides itself on offering is fully voiced NPCs and companions, neither of which have anything to do with making a good MMO. They had the chance to be an MMO industry leader, but instead chose to be a follower and make it a very traditional MMO like everything else on the market, which will be its downside when the "next-gen" MMOs start coming out next year. It's no doubt that they will get tons of initial sales based on Star Wars and Bioware alone, but only time will tell if if the game will actually be good or not. A good rule of thumb for MMOs is to never, ever, ever get your hopes up. Set your standards low, and never pre-order anything. There are very few really good MMOs out there, and NCsoft has more experience with making Guild Wars (which was quite good) than Bioware does of any MMO. Remember, Bioware are the ones who need to prove themselves.

ATLGAMER3010d ago

What happen to that deal...nothing came from it

Jaces3010d ago

I would be in a heap of trouble if GW2 came to consoles. The only reason I don't play is because of my ancient computer, that and the wife would really kick my a**.

Jaces3010d ago

....this is something I must think on, I like where your headed though >.>

piroh3011d ago

so many games, so little time

omegaortega3010d ago

No way in hell I'd play this on a console compared to a gaming rig.

BUT! If they choose to support the PS3, this could be a weapon against WoW, since Blizzard won't let their games see the light of day on consoles. It's cool though, PC needs some damn exclusives.

Either way, I'm a fan of GW, and if bringing it to consoles helps in their fight against WoW, I welcome it.

HelghastKid3010d ago

Haha i remember asking this question and getting a bunch of disagrees...well looks like i wasnt lying :p

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