Nintendo and Apple platforms are gaming each other

Two of the hottest tech companies - Nintendo and Apple - appeared headed for a showdown after Nintendo moved to patent its tilt sensitivity on its best-selling portable system, Nintendo DS - essentially to turn it into mobile Nintendo Wii.

That sounds a lot like the motion-based accelerometer in this year's other media darling, the iPhone.

Meanwhile, Apple has been secretly plotting its foray into portable video games for months, looking to add games to its hot iPhone, according to various on- and off-the-record sources.

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heroman7114025d ago

two completely different things


'Nintendo' and 'tech' in the same oration? Nowadays? Are you sick?

djt234025d ago

i understand you compare the psp to the Iphone or cell phone to Iphone
i dont understand when they compare Ds that is gaming machine to a Iphone multimedia devise.
The two devise is completely different

castdreams4025d ago

Apple just needs to make a freaking handheld and get it over with. I mean, a REAL handheld, not some jacked up phone that will technically run digitally distributed games, but a serious system. I personally think it would be successful.