PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

How misleading was Microsoft's "Windows Vista Capable" campaign? Misleading enough for a judge to approve a federal trial. On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that two PC buyers, Dianne Kelley and Kenneth Hansen, can proceed with a lawsuit that accuses Microsoft of deliberately deceiving the public.

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Silver3603996d ago

I would just like to know what the Hell is wrong with people today that they don't read or do research before buying something that cost $600 or more. Have we become a country of people that just do what ever we feel and let the courts decide for us later. This is very akin to the ESRB ratings, the writing is on the package read the damn thing before buying it. People these days always want to place the blame on others for their own stupidity. We all have brains. I just wish more of us would use them.

Mu5afir3996d ago

I know of these stupid stickers, it states that a PC is "Windows Vista" compatible. This is a "broad" statement, it should have clarified what version of Vista it was compatible with. This is not mentioned anywhere on the boxes, nor are documents provided to you to clarify it.

I have a Laptop, that is "Windows Vista" ready, but my one clearly states "Vista Premium" compatible. This isn't the case with a LOT of the stickers / information that is posted on a lot of low end PCs. Microsoft might just have a little suit on their hands. If this does have an impact expect some massive refunds to the general consumers.

DJ3996d ago

with introducing a Core 360. It's a barebones package that lacks all the big features that you need, and the price to upgrade to the standard is Very high. They tried too hard to appeal to everyone.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3996d ago

I saw loads of these "Vista Ready" computers especially from Scan Computers. I saw the specs and they are far from Vista ready/capable.

I hope it ends by M$ having to give them money.

Mu5afir3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

Agreed, I can't believe there are comments that are bashing fellow consumers for suing a company for false advertisement. Seriously, get of the Microsoft bandwagon.. the company clearly mislead the public. And the public deserves to get either a refund or a reimbursement.

ShiftyLookingCow3996d ago

I wonder what MS defense is, I guess "Vista Capable" means support for "at least" Vista Basic. Vista is a good piece of software compared to what XP was when it came out but this was false advertising nevertheless

ReBurn3996d ago

I bought my daughter a laptop that was supposed to be Vista capable. I started it up and it took nearly 3 minutes to open Notepad. I wiped the drive and installed XP on it and it runs like a champ now.

11 gig install of Vista before I wiped it. 11 gigs for the OS? You've got to be kidding me!

From my own personal experience Vista is a dog of an operating system. Maybe the first service pack will help it out.

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