inFamous 2 - 10 minutes pure gameplay from Gamescom

Videogameszone is showing 10 minutes of pure gameplay footage from Gamescom 2010 in Cologne, Germany.

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NewZealander3043d ago

looks awesome, i can see how they are aiming for uncharted 2 graphics level, all i want to know now is whats going to be in the collectors edition.

Stuart57563043d ago

I hope its a tin version to go with my Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 tin versions.

zeeshan3043d ago

Some real nice cinematic effects there! They have improved a game that was great already! I wish the guy didn't keep babbling! He kinda destroyed the whole experience!:(

A Cupcake for Gabe3043d ago

Wow! I have never seen such polish and cinematic design in a sandbox game. This looks amazing. Day Onebuy for me!

kingjoker343043d ago

I need to start collecting tin versions of all the ps3 exclusives, cause i really want a tin of uncharted 2.

Infamous looks amazing, the destruction looks good. Can't wait until this game comes out next year.

RageAgainstTheMShine3042d ago

That's Uncharted 2 only twice the running speed!
I like it already!

Gamerbee3042d ago

Whoever was playing the first vid sucked!!

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Ju3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Hard to tell from a video; but if the resolution and texture work can keep up with UC2, it has already beat it. Two reasons: it is open world and it has destruction. Two things UC2 lacks. And not a frame hitch in those videos. I thought the second was even more impressive. Thought the PS3 can't do open world. /s

JobForARockStar3042d ago

Is it just me more or do all of the character models including Cole look like ..."longer?" Or stretched out.

DORMIN3043d ago

Ionic Vortex is insane!

If you watch closely at the end of that video you can see the Sly Cooper logo on Cole's backpack!

Matthew943043d ago

i liked the original. it was a fun open world game but it was nothing special.

nickjkl3043d ago

you hatin son WHY YOU HATIN

lolzers3043d ago

Looked really good, I wanted the reporter to shut up though, kept chatting through the whole thing when I just wanted to listen to what was going on in the game.

Makidian3043d ago

I loved the first inFamous but you can tell they are going all out with the sequel. The gameplay was sick, elec-mag levitating cars and throwing them and looked just as awesome as the Ionic Vortex. The environments, animations, destructability is all look very nice and the game isn't coming out until probably next spring.

Did the presenter say that Cole gets his ass kicked by the Beast at the beginning of the game and that's what prompts him to travel to New Marais in search of another Ray Sphere?

El-Fenemeno12133043d ago

Yea he did say that, so makes me wonder if bad karma still plays a part. I beat the story twice and *SPOILER!!!!* he didn't seem to want to leave empire city. *END OF SPOILER*

A Cupcake for Gabe3043d ago

The Ray Sphere was created there. I think he is looking for more answers and new abilities. I am at a loss where the story is going. I can't wait to find out.

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The story is too old to be commented.