LittleBigPlanet 2 won’t ship with Mouse and Keyboard support

GamerZines writes:

Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans has today revealed that upon its initial release, LittleBigPlanet 2 won’t ship with support for mouse and keyboard – something that the Community had been suggesting to aid level creation following the success of LittleBigPlanet.

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GWAVE2924d ago

That kinda sucks. KB support would have been pro.

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SIR-DARK-HAZE2923d ago

Kevin Butler already is a pro.
/jk i understand

Chuk_Chuk2923d ago

"Having spent a number of weeks trying to implement support for it within the game"

Seems like they are having trouble getting it to work right. So it would be a wise move to postpone the development so the team can focus on getting the other elements of the game working perfect.

Hopefully they can get it to work beauifully.

0mega42923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

would make the game open to even more people and a larger market
so hope they do eventually add support for it to at least aid level building

even though i think the move support will help sculpt levels more easily than ever before

but seriously
there isn't any stopping this game from being a worldwide blockbuster

JoelR2921d ago

"Those disappointed by the news shouldn’t be too disheartened as Evans hinted that they may seek to implement it further down the line."

TLG19912923d ago

yea they probably will add it eventually and it would be awesome with it but i suppose the move will fill the void for the time being.

they probly wana see how MOVE is received by everyone with it

The-Troll-Eater2923d ago

Thats fine the game will still be great

T9X692923d ago

Doesn't bother me, never really felt I needed M&K with the first game. DS3 works perfectly fine for me :)

TheGameFoxJTV2919d ago

But, not as quickly. XD, the less amount of time it takes to line something up, or copy and paste something the better. XD, mouse and keyboard shortcuts could rule.

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