Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from Gamescom 2010

This is the latest information regarding "Gran Turismo 5", announced at Europe's largest game show, Gamescom held at Köln, Germany, on August 18.

New screenshots and upto date information, including clarification of the Cockpit/Interior fiasco.

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cobraagent3038d ago

I think i am going to have a heart attack due to the size of the content in the game

MaximusPrime3038d ago

niccceee . this is going to be fannnnntasticcc

Projekt7tuning3038d ago

Will the tracks change back to their original layouts if you race a historical race? There is a lot of emphasis on the historical aspects like Daytona and lemans. So I wonder if you are recreating the 1967 24hrs of Lemans will the the mulsanne straight be the way it was back in the 60s and 70s? You know without the extra chicanes and the hill being flattened out?
That would be very interesting to know. I think it would be cool to drive some of the new prototypes on the old layouts. I want see how fast you would really go at Daytona without the chicane on the back straight, and the same for Leman. That would be cool being able to hit 265mph on the Mulsanne straight in an Audi R-15 Plus. Hell they were doing 245mhp in the Porsche 917k's in the 70s. That's why they had to slow it all down.
Interesting indeed..

Gran Touring3038d ago

I know for a fact they have a "classic" La Sarthe that isn't chicaned. Whether this will apply to other older tracks has yet to be determined

punisher993038d ago

@Projekt7tuning: My avatar car definitely wants to challenge your speed. :)

Projekt7tuning3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

You really want to see a lambo like that get spanked a much cheaper Spec Racer Ford or a radical Around Roebling Road or Daytonas infield?
Purpose build race cars are an entirely different thing than a hopped up street car. LOL. If you have the funds for that car then im sure you got the funds to rent Roebling out, so bring it.:) Hell I'll run my IT car for ya.:o
Or do you mean your virtual lap time against my real lap time?
We have a site called my laps that gives our lap time by our transponders.

Chuk_Chuk3038d ago

November is the month of pure awesomeness. and i'm talking about


does anyone know if LBP2 is confirmed for november?

kingjoker343038d ago

i think its october, correct me if im wrong

Cloudberry3038d ago

LBP2 would release in 16th November 2010.

LiquifiedArt3038d ago so fully featured.

It's a sin to only pay 60$ for it. Which is why i'm buying the collectors for 100$! lol.

I am very excited about this. A week off of work suits the launch of this game well.

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LordStig3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

look at what your getting for the minimal $120 (NZD) and find a reason to winge and bitch.

Terarmzar3038d ago

Omg so many GT5 articles and just waking up

user13373038d ago

I bet I will never be able to "complete" this game...ever. Just too much to do.....

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