Gran Turismo 5: Driving Ferrari Enzo on the Nordschleife

The new footage of Gran Turismo 5 from the gamescom 2010 shows the Ferrari Enzo on the Nurburgring / Nordschleife. Check out the gameplay video on Cynamite!

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hennessey863013d ago

but i wnt a vidoe that i can hear the ngine noises on because i thought prologues were weak

Terarmzar3012d ago

Sometimes i found the sound of the cars to better when you were watching the replay.

thereapersson3012d ago

Nice Dire Straits playing in the background.

Sultans of Swing, baby!

EvilBlackCat3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

The Real Driving Simulator.... LOL!!! they have been lying to you for years.

Funny and sad at the same time to know that there is a huge quantity of people believing that GT series have always been a real simulator.

People GT series have never been a real simulator.

Forza 3 is the first console racing game to feel like a real pc simulator.

FANATEC proves it.

Cevapi883012d ago

i felt like i needed to reply to your comment, but then i saw your grammar so i'll be's funny and sad that huge quantities of people believe you to be a douche...but hey keep on enjoying forza 3 and when you see a couple of perfect 10's for GT5, don't be confused, just tell all of us of how its a conspiracy and that Forza 3 is TEH BESTEST EVAR!!!

bennyace3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

GT5 averages 98%. It's only going to be 6% higher than Forza 3. You can't argue with numbers. And the last GT game to average over 90% was 2001's GT3 with 95%. So let's just wait untill it actually comes out and see the scores before claiming that it's the best racing game ever!

I'm a racing fan and I dont care on which console a game comes out on. But I remember when Forza 3 was about to come out all the PS3 owners were claiming that Forza 3 was going to be a bad game and that it wouldn't get good reviews. And when the good scores began to poor in they all claimed that MS paid the review sites to get good scores. So I don't think anybody should talk about conspiracy. Forza 3 averaged a 92% over 90+ critics, there must've been a couple of perfect scores also. I guess it wasn't a bad game after all. As for GT5, I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Cevapi883012d ago

my reply was about no way did i even bash Forza 3...i just turned his stupid logic against him because he is a blind fanboy...i've played the game before and it is good, but i have played every Gt game since the ps1 days and im used to it more than playing forza 3 for the first just saying when the scores come in and he sees the rave reviews he can cry about how its still not a good game or say the same thing fanboys said about F3 that MS paid off review sites but this time with sony...its a vicious circle...he can keep on far as i know, this is one fool who i wont be seeing in a gt5 lobby

bennyace3012d ago

I'm sorry if it came out that way. I was more reffering to the fact that a lot of people keep saying that Forza is a joke compare to GT. In my opinion they're both excellent games, maybe different, but still 2 very good franchises. But I see what you meen about the stupid comment. Claiming that one is awesome while the other one is a total failure, is not being objective a all. No matter which one people refer to as being awesome. No hard fellings Buddy. But thanks for stating your point without the need to insult me! thumbs up for that and we should see that more often here! LOL

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IRetrouk3012d ago

its the enzo ferrari, not the ferrari enzo

Gran Touring3012d ago

I know the guy slipped a couple times off the track in the video, but the Enzo is one of the most difficult cars to drive. He's actually one of few in these GT5 videos that know how to drive.

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