Rockstar Leeds tired of ports, working on new IP

The latest issue of Develop Magazine features an interview with Rockstar Leeds studio head Gordon Hall, who professes a desire to move on from portable ports – his studio was responsible for the PSP ports of Rockstar staples like Midnight Club, and The Warriors as well as two portable Grand Theft Auto titles – and develop their own new-gen IP. Hall said, "We're going to be branching out further into next-gen - we've done original work on an existing franchise, but now we want to work on new IPs, and are looking at what we can do on Xbox 360 and PS3."

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Rhezin4056d ago

pleaseeee Red Dead Revolver 2.

HeavyweightInTheGame4056d ago

NEW IP. That could be better than Red Dead Revolver 2.

BTW that would be pretty sweet as well.

Infernus4056d ago

It's always nice to get some new IP's...