Is Mafia 2 Intentionally Discriminating Italian Americans?

An Italian American service organization claims that Take-Two releases a game full of racism and "humiliates" the whole community of Italian Americans. Given their druthers, Mafia 2 must not be released before changing the game's message.

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Yi-Long2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

... I guess it wouldn't be racist if the game would only be about white. blonde-haired, blue-eyed middle-aged men going to work...

Oh wait, yeah it would.

It's a game about the MAFIA. It's not discriminating all italians, but it IS about a slice of american history and the role the italian immigrants played in that era, of which a few played a very negative role (criminal).

Geez, always these topics about 'racism'. Some people need to grow some skin and learn to accept that people are equal, yet also different, and there's NOTHING wrong when some of those differences get highlighted, be it in movies, games, humour, whatever!

We need to get a lot less sensitive about those differences, and worry more about REAL racism, about REAL poverty, and basically, about REAL problems!

Square2707d ago

I totally agree - however, I find it sad that these organizations or whatever try to get media interest by getting mad about a video game. How could Take-Two NOT release Mafia? Fortunately such accusations don't have this weird range (yet)...

Yi-Long2707d ago

... in fact, I'd go as far as to say that these organisations have a more negative impact on 'Italians', than any videogame could ever have.

Simply because they're reacting so oversensitive to a non-issue, while claiming to speak for their community (I'm pretty sure 90%, or more, of the italian community couldn't care less)

Listen, organisations like these are going to moan about EVERYTHING.

Joey on Friends? 'ow, he's a negative stereotype of the Italian-American, cause he's a dumb womanizer who eats too much!'

Robert DeNiro in Raging Bull? 'ow, he's a violent loud-mouthed woman-beater with a short temper, so he's a negative stereotype of the Italian-American!'

Etc etc.

They should just shut the hell up and enjoy entertainment for what it is; entertainment. Instead, they choose to get offended by it all.

I guess they only want to see 1 certain specific type of perfect Italian-american rolemodel in every movie, tv series, book, videogame, etc etc. That would get pretty damn boring pretty damn fast.

Square2707d ago

Absolutely. And I have to say: My perception of this organization (which I admittedly hadn't ever heard of before) isn't the best one now ...

ProjectVulcan2707d ago

Why is this article here? Where is the one about japanese people and the yakuza playstation games?

Nowhere of course. Cos its all nonsense

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fedex6822707d ago

They are discriminating gamers!

dizzleK2707d ago

The thing is alot of Italians themselves feed into the mafioso stereotype. Stop talking and acting like wannabe wise guys and there wouldn't be this problem.

KingKiff2707d ago

Ay you cana talka like thata tooo me... I slapa your face


MrLife2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

LOLz + bubble

lolzers2707d ago

I bet they complained about this as well -

Acquiescence2707d ago

Joe Pesci made Italian-Americans look like deplorable human beings long before Mafia 2 came along. Try about 20 years ago.

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