VG247 - Hands on with GT5

VG247 Writes:

Polyphony Digital boss Kanunori Yamauchi showed off the latest build of Gran Turismo 5 in Cologne yesterday, finally announcing modes to create tracks, manage races in what looks to be an exhaustive B-Spec mode and much more.

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sinncross3044d ago

B-spec mode seems upgraded indeed.

Definitely will check it out.. the rpg nature could be interesting.

But track editor and go-karts? so nice!

darkdoom30003044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

This game is jammmed with so much stuff. No wonder it took this long.
I've never usually been interested in racing simulators, but there's so much content that I'll have to buy it. I did actually enjoy GT:PSP too.

A racing game RPG. Ya know- this actually sounds interesting.

yewles13044d ago

Now it's TWO types of games. Racing Sim and Racing Strategy.

So what is it guys? "Carcraft", or "Command and Burn Rubber"? XD

Projekt7tuning3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Before every real life race I do in the SCCA at Daytona, I'll probably spend 200hrs on my PS3 playing the track. I'm going to get some roses for my wife now. Preemptive Rosing.LOL The road course in real life is a lot harder than it seems on tv. It's so flat your always looking for grip. Road racing's Turn 1 into the infield and the Dog leg are true test of manhood.So Fun. I so, so hope GT5 got it right this time. Day one buy for sure.
GT5p had some inaccuracy's to the track. The chicane was wrong plus there is no fence with arrows there, turn one was a little wrong too and there's no arrows there ether. The only arrow in real life on track is on the tri-oval. Its before turn 1 on the right so you remember were to turn into the infield. If they got it all right this time, I will be in heaven and can wait a few more years till GT6.

FighterJoe3043d ago

There is two variations of chicanes on the real daytona I'm sure youre aware if you race on it, a short one and a long one. The fake arrow walls is there to stop crazy short cutting.

Projekt7tuning3043d ago

Scca and Grand Am use the short one. I think the Skip Barber school is the one that uses the long one and the Motorcycles. They extend that chicane not too long ago. I think it was in 2005 when they repaved the infield. That's also when they made a new layout for the school and karting. It should be the short version that's used. That is what we all run now, or else we would pretty much take it at full speed. I go through in 4th gear in a Spec Racer Ford and 3rd sometimes 4th in an IT. car. But I see what your saying.

harrisk9543043d ago

"At this point, I write in my notes, as I knew I would, “This is the only car game you’ll ever need.” We didn’t see anything of multiplayer, which is sure to get an airing at TGS. Christ only knows what he’s done there. You can probably be a single spectator in a crowd of 5,000 at some Malaysian sledge race in 1924."

This game is gonna be AMAZING... Seriously going to tie up my time for the next year. What the hell is it going to take to Platinum this game???!!!! o_O

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