Eurogamer goes hands-on with GT5

Eurogamer writes: Kazunori Yamauchi is excited. He's showing us three cars from the 1967 Le Mans 24-hour race - the Ferrari 330 P4, the Ford Mark IV and the Jaguar XJ13 - and they all look beautiful. The P4 is one of Yamauchi's favourite cars of all time. That's not why he's excited though.

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thereapersson3040d ago

"It's also definitely, totally and utterly coming out on 3rd November, says Yamauchi. We ask him if he'd take another year if Sony offered it to him, and he laughs. He says no."

Sounds like Kazunori is finally ready to get this game into the eager hands of the public. Go Karts and a freakin' track editor? Count me IN!!!

fedex6823040d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this game!

darkdoom30003040d ago

Has there been any other realistic kart simulator?

Scotracer3040d ago

On PC, yes. I never enjoyed them as the handling seems totally off without the physical G-forces. I have my own racing kart so I guess it's that which causes the problem.

Theonik3040d ago

Yeah the problem is that in a real cart you shift your weight to improve your cornering. On a sim you can't do that.