New Leaked COD4 Multiplayer Video

With the beta underway in selected parts of the world, here is another leaked video from the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta event which is on going now. The beta is exclusive to the Xbox 360 only.

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TheExecutive4056d ago

lol that was really boring to watch. Im not saying the game will be boring but that segment sucked.

kalistyles4056d ago

It would have been nice just to see a couple shots for effect at least. Sheesh!

QuackPot4056d ago

Check out the other videos. There's one showing you can shoot through walls.

Still a must buy.

Alcohog4056d ago

Great. They have those stupid ass icons for jumping over things. Dumbed down for consoles ftl. :(

aiphanes4056d ago

They should have blown up that tanker truck in the game!
Or at least fired their guns...

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The story is too old to be commented.