Rumor: Possible PS3 Tiff Exploit found on v1.9 firmware

A group of 'hacker's are claiming that they have found a possible PS3 tiff exploit on the v1.9 firmware. They are claiming that it may be possible to play backed up Blu-ray games and their 'method' makes it so that when you run a game it won't fully launch allowing time for a disc swap, then you remove the required USB stick and the new game boots without any sign of an error. Although, with no 'history' this seems like a couple of characters...


Check out this video that shows it being done
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truebego3990d ago

stupid rumor from xbox fan

ozsman3990d ago

stupid comment from a sony fan

Lord Anubis3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

This is silly. :

"I have discovered some odd behavior which may potentially lead to playing backed up blu-ray games"

looking at the video, the only thing it does is prolong the loading of files. When they tried to load the resistance fall of man (disc) it stayed in stasis.

sunlollyking3990d ago

Dudes this actually works, but for now you can only boot PSX games!

Mu5afir3990d ago

I am pretty sure most no one cares if PSX games will boot up. I know of a hardware mod that will let Ps2 games boot up. I am very sure, you won't be able to boot up a Blu-Ray game anytime soon.

Mu5afir3990d ago

No firmware update will ever let you boot up a Blu-Ray disk that is copied. For the SIMPLE reason that there are hardware locks on the disk. This is the SAME REASON, why Ps2 games couldn't be booted with a software emulator. Yes, the disk-swap is something that can be done, and this is what they are attempting to do.

But I am pretty sure this boot method is not going to work, or have problems of it's own.

duarteq3990d ago

There is no way i go backup gaming. Even if this is true it doesn't take the risk of break the console, and also, the cost of blu-ray recorder and blu-ray discs. I prefer original stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.