VG247 – “significant changes” in Fallout: New Vegas

VG247 Writes:

Fallout: New Vegas is in playable form at gamescom this week. We sent Keza Macdonald along with get an hour with the Obsidian update, interview a developer and tell you why “New Vegas’s ideological diversion” is going to make-this a worthy update to Fallout 3.

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CrAnKiTuP_013011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I never would have considered buying Fallout 3. The second I heard it was a glitchfest/crashfest, the game forever left my radar. That changed when I saw it on sale for $10!! I immediately bought it, and it's an AMAZING game. On my 104th hour and still have stuff to do.. Fallout: New Vegas? BRING IT... Just make it a little more stable. ;)

"you’ll be stuck in this agonising situation where the right thing is also causing bad things to happen elsewhere. It’s bigger than right or wrong."

"The Vault-dweller was alone in the wilderness, and he or she was basically guaranteed to die." "In Fallout 3, meanwhile, it was quite possible to over-buff your character so much that you could blast through almost anything."
VERY true.. In Fallout 3, you could head right on over to Rivet City or even The Republic of Dave right from out of the Vault and it'd be a sinch.. Damn, this gets me pumped, as now it's going back to it's roots of it actually feeling really dangerous out in the Wastes.

I'm hyped! Who else??? :D

ElementX3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I never had any serious glitches or crashes while playing Fallout 3. Just goes to show that because some people do stupid shit in a game causing it to glitch, doesn't mean everyone will come across the same bugs.

Ok, not everyone does crazy stuff to make a game glitch, however I have played many games labeled as "buggy" and have come across very few problems myself.

iHEARTboobs3010d ago

Fallout 3 was the buggiest game i've played. Froze and became unplayable on my 360 so I bought it for my PS3. Didn't run better on the PS3 but I was at least able to play without it freezing.

Brewski0073010d ago

I had a few of the NPC's act a little weird, at times they'd do funny stuff. But nothing near as glitchy as something like red dead redemption , let us not forget the cross-bread animals that morphed.
So i dont agree with it being the buggiest game ever.
That being said, i do think they'll learn from their mistakes and this game is going to be totally awesome!

djfullshred3010d ago

As far as the PS3 version, it is widely know that Fallout 3 is FUBAR. People that haven't heard this, are not checking out what people have been saying about it. The Bethesda forum was lit up with angry complaints...LOTS of them.

mirroredderorrim3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Hope to see you online, man. I spent more than 1,000 hours on the game, myself!

Edit: I ground through the glitches/freezes. Game is that epic, imo.

dizzleK3011d ago

Sounds good. I was a tad iffy but now I definitely want this.

Bellcross3010d ago

I'm getting this LBP2 & GT5 this fall all 3 will hold me over well into next year

LunaticBrandon3010d ago

Nothing wrong with the best RPG, Platformer and Racing game. I'll be getting Halo: Reach as well and I have no clue how I can balance out my play time of these four great games.

TheTeam063010d ago

Good luck. hehe

Last time I had three or more new games to play, I found myself switching through all of them with 5-10 minutes of playtime each because I was so anxious to play them all.

Bellcross3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I'm with you there, between games, work and girlfriend, it's gonna be tough this holiday season.

Jack-Pyro3010d ago

Getting This, Reach, Black Op's, and if I have anything left over GT5, it's a good year for gaming.

DelbertGrady3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Fix the flawed leveling system and remove the "take two steps-open menu-repair-repeat" gameplay. I spent more time in the menus than in the actual game. That might've been cool back in 1998 but today it's seen as poor game design.

LunaticBrandon3010d ago

I can't wait for this game. Fallout 3 was a good game, but this takes everything to a whole new level.

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