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Submitted by Kors 1929d ago | opinion piece

Is Sony afraid of the iPhone? You betcha!

So when Sony America puts out an advert with a kid telling a twenty-something that his phone (read iPhone) isn't "built for big boy games" you know it's got to be worried. Very worried. The iPhone has snuck in and stolen a big chunk of what was traditionally the PSP's market, and the Japanese corporation knows it. (iPhone, PSP)

InnovatedMind  +   1929d ago
This story has a lot of misguided hatred.

Why would Sony be scared of the iPhone? In the world of business marketing, "attacking" your enemy publicly stimulates the market thus boosting revenue and momentum.
8800gtx  +   1929d ago
"Why would Sony be scared of the iPhone?"

Sony sure does use dated technology. They have every reason to be worried.

pedrami91  +   1929d ago
And that dated technology net them 62 million sold PSP's worldwide. Good enough to warrant a successor im sure.
Erotic Sheep  +   1929d ago
If there is one thing that is dated it's your 8800gtx videocard.
thereapersson  +   1929d ago
Mac Fans
As delusional as ever.

You paint a dried turd white and slap a ridiculous price tag on it, and some idiot will buy it.
BYE  +   1929d ago
As long as that turd has an awesome design and contains superior technology like all Apple products, count me in.
Motion  +   1929d ago
what are these superior technologies you speak of?
AllroundGamer  +   1929d ago
you know, that kind of "superior technologies" to brainwash people... :) but it only works only on the weaker minded and those with the sheep behaviour :D
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xTruthx  +   1928d ago
Droid > Iphone
Evo > Iphone

and soon Nokia8 > All
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1929d ago
competition is always good.
but i think sony is afraid of tons of quick,sh!tty games being made with no real thought or heart put into them.iphone has many good games.but there is also a lot of sh!t scattered all over its list of games.

i don't think there will be another industry crash like early days of gaming.but it could happen.i remember all the sh!tty games like E.T.(yes i bought it in a clearance bin with other crappy games)being made and games were just awful.if it wasn't for companies like activision(the old activision) and games like pitfall,hero,etc,gaming would have ended.

thank GOD for nintendo saving the industry.but there has to be a limit on the level of sh!t being made compared to quality.if the balance is tipped in favor of the former,the industry will suffer greatly.

sure sony wants you to buy their games.but i would say there are a lot of deeper experiences on psp.
Stealth20k  +   1929d ago
The iphone isnt a real gaming platform so why would they be scared?

Its nintendo and the 3ds they should be scared off
HeroXIV  +   1929d ago
Yeah, unless the PSP2 is also 3D compatible, which would make sense as Sony were the first to plunge in the deep-end of 3D gaming.
Matthew94  +   1928d ago
virtual boy
xg-ei8ht  +   1929d ago
Na i don't think they are tbh.

Iphone is nice and all, but itunes is a pain in the a$$ imo, as sync this sync that, gets on my nerves tbh.

Android has a bigger market share now.
ExPresident  +   1929d ago
I don't think they are scared as much as they are touting the obvious fact that the norm iPhone games don't compare to what can be played on PSP.
zeksta  +   1929d ago
iPhone, Afraid, Sony?
I'm sorry, those words don't go into a sentence together correctly, more or less Apple should be afraid of loosing customers cause of the "Death Grip" issue, don't go telling me it doesn't exist, cause it's been proven.

People are going to be looking for new Phones now-day's, so i can betcha people are going to goto Sony or Samsung, reason i say Samsung is because the new Wave is actually a pretty damn good phone for it's Graphics, Sound and overall Looks, though I'll admit, Sony's not doing very well in the Phone Industry atm as-well, their new Phones are amazingly laggy and overall just crap, no offense, i love sony, but they suck at phones.
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Calm Down Sunshine  +   1929d ago
As long as my phone makes calls, texts and plays Snake... Why would I need anything else?
ER-AM  +   1929d ago
The IPhone can't do "Big Boy Games". That's why Sony said just that. It's a response to the argument that mobile gaming will overtake handheld gaming, which it has had a marginal effect on. However, It affects all handhelds, not just Sony. It is a simple ad, there is no reason to blow it up into some doom and gloom bullshit like this.
Matthew94  +   1928d ago
doom, chinatown wars, mgs4 rail shooter,

not saying its a good "console" but iphone isnt all flowers and sunshine games
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frankymv  +   1929d ago
iphone 4 is on track to sell 29 million units in only 6 months.

Thats 29,000,000 units in 180 days. You bet Sony is scared.
Bathyj  +   1929d ago
I love my iPhone, no doubt. But who in their right mind buys one as a gaming device? I game very little on iPhone and even when I do it usually just a couple minutes at a time while waiting for my pizza or something.

Now if Sony is scared iPhone is stealing mp3 player sales, that I understand.
frankymv  +   1928d ago
I agree with you that the PSP is a superior gaming device to the iPhone any day. The point is, However, that most consumers will have to make a choice between a pure gaming handheld and a superphone that plays games ok. I just don't see them carrying around separate mobile devices for gaming and phoning/texting/internet/apps.
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Skynetone  +   1929d ago
The iphones are very impressive
For some mad reason i was expecting every app to load slower then what the ps3 would do, but dame there instant, why cant my ps3 do that,

my only grip with the iphone is, there way two big and they need charging every night, ill stick with my crap phone a little while longer
saadchohan  +   1929d ago
yea rite.
The Competition on hand held gaming consoles in between sony and nintendo. Where the hell does apple comes in??its games are good for a 5 year old. But games with touch screen buttons, and tilting your hand now and then? Iphone should be scared now, because from the antenna problem of iphone4 seems like they are losing it.
Seferoth75  +   1929d ago
132 million to 60 million is hardly competing.
BYE  +   1929d ago
iPhone / iPad would be perfect for gaming if Apple made a bluetooth controller for it.

Combine that with an AV cable for plugging it into a TV and there's no difference to a console.
D0UbleF_  +   1929d ago
If there's anyone who isn't afraid of the iPhone then it's the PSP.
I mean com'n..
Steve Jobs can only win American retards who are obsessed with Apple.
He won't win the rest of the world. Never.
Sony did already.
Seferoth75  +   1929d ago
Yeah...Sony isnt winning anything atm dude. DS beats PSP by almost double the sales as does the Wii to PS3. There is no win for last place.
NatureOfLogic  +   1929d ago
Is there no win for quality? or are you just some sales only matter fanboy
Matthew94  +   1928d ago
^^ hey when it "proves" your point youll tout sales to defend the ps3
Akagi  +   1929d ago
Who wants to play a game where you cover most of the screen with your hands?
lonix  +   1929d ago
I have an iphone
And all iPhone games are gimmicky

Psp games are the real deal
PSjesus  +   1928d ago
I prefer MGS:PW over all Iphone's games.....
Srsly why any one should compare Iphone apps to real games,
I luv my Iphone4 as a smart phone not as a gaming system.
ktchong  +   1928d ago
Sony should be more afraid of Android
Android will overtake iPhone and become the most popular smartphone. It's just a matter of when.
remanutd55  +   1928d ago
sony should be working hard , very hard in the next psp 2 instead of being worried about a phone , i want this features in the next psp :
2 analog sticks
full PSN functionalities ( talk , send/ receive text message from our psn friends, ability to play online with all of them )
PS Home ( if it can be done )
software launch line up i want to see from sony:
White Knight Chronicles
remember sony the next PSP should be first and foremost A GAMING MACHINE , if i want a phone i would buy a phone but i want a gaming machine that handle other functionalities not a cell phone that can play certain games , i want the next psp to take full PSN advantage ( i will even pre order it the minute you announce that it will have the ability to talk and text to our psn friends and trophies )
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Giah  +   1923d ago
Jailbreaking your <url= http://personalmoneystore.c... is currently legal according to United States of America copyright officials, but that does not mean that Apple is happy to sit back while users break free of their proprietary corporate mold and utilize the full potential of the handheld machine. Unwanted users won’t be able to get on one’s iPhone with a patent “covering an elaborate series of measures” that is designed to “protect iPhone owners from thieves” reports the Register. That patent, entitled "Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic System," would protect Apple liability in jailbreaking exploits, but it would also allegedly lock down a user's phone.
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