Is Sony afraid of the iPhone? You betcha!

So when Sony America puts out an advert with a kid telling a twenty-something that his phone (read iPhone) isn't "built for big boy games" you know it's got to be worried. Very worried. The iPhone has snuck in and stolen a big chunk of what was traditionally the PSP's market, and the Japanese corporation knows it.

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InnovatedMind2959d ago

This story has a lot of misguided hatred.

Why would Sony be scared of the iPhone? In the world of business marketing, "attacking" your enemy publicly stimulates the market thus boosting revenue and momentum.

8800gtx2959d ago

"Why would Sony be scared of the iPhone?"

Sony sure does use dated technology. They have every reason to be worried.


pedrami912959d ago

And that dated technology net them 62 million sold PSP's worldwide. Good enough to warrant a successor im sure.

Erotic Sheep2959d ago

If there is one thing that is dated it's your 8800gtx videocard.

thereapersson2959d ago

As delusional as ever.

You paint a dried turd white and slap a ridiculous price tag on it, and some idiot will buy it.

BYE2959d ago

As long as that turd has an awesome design and contains superior technology like all Apple products, count me in.

Motion2959d ago

what are these superior technologies you speak of?

AllroundGamer2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

you know, that kind of "superior technologies" to brainwash people... :) but it only works only on the weaker minded and those with the sheep behaviour :D

xTruthx2958d ago

Droid > Iphone
Evo > Iphone

and soon Nokia8 > All

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Apocalypse Shadow2959d ago

but i think sony is afraid of tons of quick,sh!tty games being made with no real thought or heart put into them.iphone has many good games.but there is also a lot of sh!t scattered all over its list of games.

i don't think there will be another industry crash like early days of gaming.but it could happen.i remember all the sh!tty games like E.T.(yes i bought it in a clearance bin with other crappy games)being made and games were just awful.if it wasn't for companies like activision(the old activision) and games like pitfall,hero,etc,gaming would have ended.

thank GOD for nintendo saving the industry.but there has to be a limit on the level of sh!t being made compared to quality.if the balance is tipped in favor of the former,the industry will suffer greatly.

sure sony wants you to buy their games.but i would say there are a lot of deeper experiences on psp.

Stealth20k2959d ago

The iphone isnt a real gaming platform so why would they be scared?

Its nintendo and the 3ds they should be scared off

HeroXIV2959d ago

Yeah, unless the PSP2 is also 3D compatible, which would make sense as Sony were the first to plunge in the deep-end of 3D gaming.

xg-ei8ht2959d ago

Na i don't think they are tbh.

Iphone is nice and all, but itunes is a pain in the a$$ imo, as sync this sync that, gets on my nerves tbh.

Android has a bigger market share now.

ExPresident2959d ago

I don't think they are scared as much as they are touting the obvious fact that the norm iPhone games don't compare to what can be played on PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.