GTA IV Delay: 360 Hard Drive Variable? PS3 Development Difficulty? Neither? examines the facts in an effort to get to the bottom of the GTA IV delay. They take a hard look at what was said, promised, and what ultimately went down.

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Bloodmask4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Halo 3 releases on Sept.25th. Rockstar could have released GTA4 in Oct, Nov, or Dec. I don't think that any company would want to miss the Holiday season just bc of Halo 3. They would only be hurting themselves in the end. Besides these two games aren't even in the same genre.

Either the game is not on schedule or the PS3 version is crippled. Time and time again the PS3 version of games is delayed or has framerate issues if released simultaneously with the 360 version. Just look at Madden and NCAA...crippled. And GRAW2 and Rainbow Six Vegas needing almost a full year delay just to be up to par. Not to mention that the only version ever shown was the 360 version and the PS3 demo was a no-show at E3.

BubblesDAVERAGE4057d ago

Why you guys keep saying all we see is the 360 version? Yet I havent seen game play footage form neither system,and R* had the Dev kits around the same time as first party...I dont think its ps3 personally its the 360 with the lack of a HDD..we all know GTA isn't pushing the limits far as graphics go and both platforms can easily achieve the graphics now it comes to space and how big they want the game to be and the HDD issiue Ms even said they would try and push the game back if HDD is a issue for any of there games but you xbox fans will never admit that...

Nostradavis4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Maybe now is a good time for 360 owners and PS3 owners to stop pointing fingers at each other and start thinking about the possibility that this is all about money.

If you owned a company and you had your big money game ready to hit the shelves but you got word that another big game would also be coming out within just a few days time of yours, and that company was Microsoft, and that game was Halo 3, would you...

A) Go up against a multi-industry giant with deep pockets.


B) Hold off and release it a few months later to an eager fan base with out as much competition.

Barreldragon004056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I think its funny the main reason 360 people think its the PS3 fault is it that we haven't seen anything of the PS3 version and it wasn't at E3 because $50 million could not have anything to do with it. that it couldn't have been in the contract so Microsoft gets more publicity that its on the 360. I personally think it has nothing to do with any of the consoles they just wanted to polish it more or they found a huge bug in the game.

quen_gta24056d ago

I don't buy the excuse that Rockstar doesn't want to compete with the Microsoft AAA title Halo3, becaue by delaying it to Q2 2008 they will be competing with another AAA title in MGS4.

nasim4056d ago

there are 0 pre orders for HALO 3 in JAPAN and EU

only a million pre-orders have so far been received for HALO 3 despite markrting it for a year or so.

GTA would sell all over the world incluidng NA /JAPAN and EU.

HALO 3 willl only sell a million or so in NA only .

x360 is thhe dead console in EU and JAPAN and has been overtaken by ps3 in NA too

Bloodmask4056d ago

You say it is bc of the 360 core lacking HDD bc you live in an alternate Sony reality.

If you would look at the facts that most multiplatform games are delayed on PS3 and usually have poorer framerates you will realize that the PS3 version is usually the problem.

There are many games that prove this to be true..FEAR, NCAA, Madden, GRAW2, RS Vegas,.etc...etc. I'm sure you will bring up OBLIVION but that game also had a year extra development time.

The simple fact is you base your assumptions on blind hatred and emotion. I have just provided you a list of many games to prove that my scenario is more likely.

Can you name any games that are inferior on 360 bc of lack of HDD on the core model??

I didn't think so.

I realize that what I said is also only a theory but a more plausible one than your Yellow Brick Road jiberish. It must be nice to live in your padded room when there is this thing called "reality" going on all around you.

Texas GMR4056d ago

I'm not saying your dumb or anything, but man are you stupid!

FirstknighT4056d ago

"Time and time again the PS3 version of games is delayed or has framerate issues..."

The ps3 clearly has a history of problems. Look at Lair. That is a game that supposedly "did it right" ... Yet they also had to have a delay because of all the framerate issues. Nothing but problems for the ps3. Thanks Sony for screwing us up with the delay.

Imalwaysright4056d ago

I said this once and i will say it again the only dev that opened his mouth was????????? Dan Houser... and what did he said???????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAH GTA beeing delayed by halo????? Dont make me laugh GTA San andreas ALONE outsold Halo and halo 2 COMBINED and thats a FACT

caffman4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

No pre orders for Halo 3 in the EU and Japan? No wonder you have no tracks and 67 ignores!
Well if noone is ordering it, why is it at the top of Amazons chart?

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Xeoset4057d ago

For all we know R* probably just wasn't pleased with the game and wanted time to make it perfect, making it perfect for everyone.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4057d ago

Because several developers mentioned that PS3 is easy to develope. It exclude the "because PS3 had to develope" reason.

Halo 3 reason seem a little far fetched....

Due to the fact having space problem on X360 it might be true on that because of HDD.

IMO It may be the HDD problem or they are polishing the game to make it perfect, which I more think its polishing one.

gta_cb4055d ago

... the only thing i have heard is that the PS3 is hard to develope for, not that its easy to develope

Rhezin4057d ago

^^^F!ck that bullsh!t^, we all know it's the ps3 and its development issues because it's a sh!tty system. The HDD has nohing to do it, both trailer were done on 360 first and development went on the game first, 360 version is done it's the ps3 one they need to perfect.

LOFT3164057d ago

with your stupid comment's you prove that you know absolutley nothin and you smoke the big un now go on home your mum's callin

s8anicslayer4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

rhezon you moron do remember that gta4 was supposed to be a ps3 exclusive, hence being made for the ps3 first then ported to the 360, if you want to compare systems and whos shifty, tell me arsswipe what makes the ps3 a [email protected]@tty system you poor [email protected]