No More Heroes Going to Move on the PS3

"During Konami’s gamescom press conference it was announced that No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the sequel to the Wii’s No More Heroes, will be getting a PlayStation Move version when the game releases early next year. This comes at a time when more and more developers are pledging support to ....."

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Quagmire3013d ago

If only we could play Metroid Prime trilogy with PSMove on ps3

Tony-A3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

If you take the proper letters from the headline, you can spell out "Heroes on the Move", which also has Move support (exclusively, of course). For some reason, that's kinda how I read it. I read it as some kind of witty headline trying to describe Heroes on the Move getting canceled.

PS: Was NMH any good? It has a lightsaber kind of weapon!

Why o why3013d ago

i downloaded the No heroes allowed footage thinking it was this and i was like...yeah you guessed it...WTF

Mahr3013d ago

"No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, the sequel to the Wii’s No More Heroes"

That's some Grade A reporting, courtesy of IGN, right there.

More importantly, will this version undo the censorship and technical hiccups of the Japanese version?

Theonik3013d ago

I hope so. I was going to get the first one on the Wii but now i'll wait to see how this is like.

TheLastGuardian3013d ago

I don't keep up with the wii. Is no more heroes a good game?

ChronoJoe3013d ago

Yeah man. It's like an 8.5 kinda game.

It's cell shaded so will become HD without updating textures too. Konami have very little to do in porting it. I think there is a Japanese only, PS3 version already - even.

It's a fun game. You kill people with a lightsaber type thing... I don't think it's on rails either. I heard it had co-op too.

kasasensei3013d ago

The first, on the wii? nah

SpitFireAce853013d ago

PS3 getting some love... glad to see it this not 06-07
anymore...of course konami brought us MGS4 but this is
a wii game heading to the PS3 welcome No More Heroes.

TheLastGuardian3013d ago

back in '07 I tried my hardest to defend the ps3 but I was like the only kid in school with a ps3 and all the 360 fanboys were ganging up on me. I always knew the ps3 would win in the long run.

Seferoth753012d ago

"I always knew the ps3 would win in the long run. " lmao yeah it sure is winning back in 3rd place.....

TheTeam063012d ago

Who said anything about sales??

Trebius3012d ago

They get Wii ports, they have 20x more 1st party studios than the competition, it's just a winning system. only fanboys dont understand that.

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The story is too old to be commented.