Heavenly Sword Review: Part 1

Geekpulp writes:

"You'd think a game that starts at the end of the story would be a little predictable and boring right? Well you're wrong, shame on you. Heavenly Sword has a story that by its self is not that spectacular and most of the game is played in the past (before the opening scene) yet the way that the story is told and the richness of the character development left me in awe, in fact it is made so well that the cut-scenes (which I usually loath) are so great that I wanted more and more of them, it was better than most movies, it draws you in and makes you love even the villainous tyrants that you are fighting against.

Great graphics, grotesque monsters, bewbs and more equate to an A+++ title for the PS3. If you own a PS3 it is a happy day for you. If you don't you might want to check this out."

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techie3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

it's the cover of the September edition of Play magazine ;) (with the 10/10 review...)

Oh and reporters. Sorry I was half asleep when I posted - but one report from one user is plenty - you only need to re-report about the same problem if the news poster fails to fix the problem after at least 10minutes. :)

Crazyglues3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

If there were points for story image used, you would have scored super points right there, that's an amazing shot.. very nicely done...

So since their is no points for that, here are some bubbles for you my friend very nicely done. Deep - As they say "you the man!"

I really like that one.

techie3939d ago

cheers dude - you're welcome to use it as your avatar if you wish :)

nasim3939d ago

and kills low powered garbage box 360.

I am so looking forward to this game

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BubblesDAVERAGE3939d ago

I don't know why most people on the other side of the fence are thinking that Sonys line up isn't good.I find it robust and full of new Ips and some old favorites. Uncharted has been getting the same hype and lair will be great also..those are all AAA titles..I guess because its filled with new Ips Haze and the best FPs multi player ever ( Unreal Tournament)

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