Eight screenshots from Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword DS

Team Ninja and Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS looks to deliver some of the best graphics ever seen on a Nintendo DS. This isn't a run of the mill platformer with "Ninja Gaiden" slapped on it as some would expect. The game is viewed from a 3rd person perspective with all the game models rendered in full 3D - much like the console version.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3993d ago

Without reading anything or seeing anything of this game. I'd guess its just another remake.

Half Arsed remakes!

firstworldman3993d ago

It takes place six months after the current remakes.

djt233993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

this game look hot and i am going to pick it up\
that the graphic that DS games should have now and beyond

CRIMS0N_W0LF no it is a brand new game in the story of Ninja Gaiden it is not no ps3

iNcRiMiNaTi3993d ago

i laughed at seeing "ninja gaiden for DS" but those screenshots made me change my i wanna see it in motion and see if the gameplay matches those graphics

MACHone3992d ago

Dude, if you browse around the Internet a bit, you can find a nice long gameplay demo that was shown during some press conference a while ago. The gameplay looks AWESOME.

power of Green 3992d ago (Edited 3992d ago )

NG2 and Dragon Sword's story is suppose to be in the same story line telling different parts of it. I hope this means NG2 info and shots will soon appear.