Report that 90% of Tweens are playing games online

90% of tweens are playing games online according to a recent report. What is very interesting about this report is the numbers of young girl gamers. They outnumber the boys and more surprisingly play the PSP the most.

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CrAnKiTuP_012673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Gaming has spread so much. *tear*

Quagmire2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

is Farmville considered a game?

HSx92673d ago

what the hell is a "tween"?

0mega42673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

in stuff there parents probably don't want them learning
whenever they step in to my lobby

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2673d ago

I was thinking the same thing too...

2673d ago
ITLoo2673d ago

I totally believe it. My 3rd graders game, so it isn't long before they hit the tween percentage of gamers.

Anime-Vixen2673d ago

♥ Im glad to see more girlgamers. I wasn't playing games at that age. I started to play games 2 years ago! I hope these girls aren't getting harassed online. I get a friend invite every time I play online ♥

RememberThe3572673d ago

I haven't play a single game online game with a female that didn't have hell dudes trying to talk to her. It's sad when they try to flirt, and almost always awkward.

It happened a lot in Killzone 2. I got so funny how hard they would try. Some of those guys had some game too. I was surprised, maybe they have a harder time in person.

jashmister2673d ago

Its quite normal that you see females in the afternoon on Aussie TF2 (pc)people don't care and have fun. sadly i have only seen such friendliness towards females on TF2 and no other games.

Nihilism2673d ago

I think one of your dysfunctional stalkers is disagreeing with you. See the thing with said internet harassers is that they wouldn't know what to do if they got their hands on a girl. Just laugh at only takes a small push to send the bottom feeders over the edge.

Azurite2673d ago

EVE Online.
At least in the Corporation I was in.

Maccaz2673d ago

There has been an increase of games directed at girls, compared to when games were all actions, puzzle and shooting.

Calm Down Sunshine2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

As long as they don't start beating me, then all's well.