Halo: Reach - 5 Minute Firefight

The mission: Fight for air superiority inside the belly of the beast. For just five minutes.

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BornToKill2837d ago


Perjoss2837d ago

its criminal how little i played firefight in halo3, nothing wrong with the game itself but i think there was just other games that i wanted to finish also. I remember firefight being crazy CRAZY fun even solo... with friends? forget about it.

Dread2837d ago

there was no fire fight in halo 3 dude

what the F$%k r u talking about

palaeomerus2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Ahem. ODST introduced Firefight. Technically it's called Halo3: ODST but yeah.

starchild2837d ago

Firefight is going to be amazing now, especially with all the new customisation features and matchmaking. I can't wait.

QuantumWake2837d ago

Man, that Firefight level sure does remind me of that level in Halo 1... But damnit, I forgot the name of it though. lol

Anyway, Halo: Reach is looking REALLY good. Probably one of the most polished Halo game I have ever seen. I can see myself playing this game for years. I mean come on, if Halo 3 has lasted me for 3 years, I can only imagine how long Halo: Reach will.

Cheers!! :D

SixZeroFour2837d ago

if you were talking about ce campaign, then its prolly the 3rd lvl when you get inside the ship...i got stuck at that part in solo legendary playthrough

The Meerkat2837d ago

I think it may be called Truth and Reconciliation.
But I could be wrong.

chak_2837d ago

360's fan : OMG, sony killer §§1!!
ps3's fan : so is that it? sucks, xfail

that site is so predictable

DelbertGrady2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

360's fan : Can't wait to play Halo Reach!
ps3's fan : so is that it? sucks, xfail (Man, I wish I got to play this...) *debubbles everyone who likes Halo. Creates fake account and debubbles some more*

cayal2837d ago

Why would Sony fanboys want Halo?

The Meerkat2837d ago

Same reason they now seem to love Mass Effect.
Because its a good game.
A good game is a good game regardless of which console its on.

RedSoakedSponge2837d ago

looking pretty damn awesome! I cant think of anything negative about this game. Does anyone know if theyve released a list of all the armor abilities yet? Cos i noticed he was using a bubble shield in this and i hadnt seen it b4 in Reach.

theIMP2837d ago

There are some armor ability's that were not in the beta. In a Game Informer article the highlight some new ability's, the bubble shield was one (it also refills the health of anyone in it), and the other one I noticed way the hologram, It sends out a hologram of you as a decoy. I think there may have been another one but I am not sure.

pr0digyZA2837d ago

Looks awesome can't wait.

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