The “Bad” Evolution of Gaming

Playstation Lifestyle writes: Ok, enough of the drama. Simply put, there are good and bad things that we all enjoy, and it’s very subjective. And for me, the things that I seem to notice are the negatives about it. It’s not that I don’t enjoy games – I just find it difficult to enjoy my favorite soda with a toothache. In the end, I’ll just remember it was a painful experience.

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Godmars2903013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Any gaming evolution that eliminates or restricts an aspect of development, like what has happened with sprite gaming this gen, was a bad direction.

reload443012d ago

DLC? if everything would be PS3 exclusive then no need for DLC

too many FPSs? hell yes! some of them are welcomed (KZ), but the others... meh

longcat3012d ago

i like co-op games online. Still playing resistance 2 + fat princess.

i think some DCL (map packs) should be free to people who buy games new but come at a price to those who buy used games.

Some DLC is legit - burnout paradise.

pippoppow3012d ago

Some DLC is ok factoring in price. The unlockable codes and day ones are absurd though.

Agree there are way too many FPS games this gen, shooters in general actually. Devs are to blame for being scared and gamers as well for supporting nonsense.

120FPS3012d ago

You should have just typed "ps3 is teh best", its much better when trolls dont try and hide

Biggest3012d ago

But be real about it. The DLC thing is plain annoying. I know that everyone wants more from a game. I know the developers have to make their money back. But I would much rather purchase a complete game. I guess you can blame the PS3 for that one though. If there wasn't so much damned space on the BluRay I wouldn't feel cheated when only 6.8 gigs was the max on disk and DLC was used to make the game last longer. I don't even buy DLC for games I love because I know they could have just thrown the shit on multiple disks or one BluRay and called it good.

edhe3012d ago

Pretty terrible "article" and absolutely not news whatsoever.

s45gr323012d ago

Why was it terrible, it was a very truthful article. I still remember playing Crash Bandicoot and unlocking for free hidden levels and getting hidden gems. I still remember unlocking new areas in the twisted metal series. There is no hidden swag anymore that is true. You don't need to master a racing game anymore to unlock a car you have to pay (with real money) for say virtual car that is B.S. Expansion Packs I don't mind if say expansion pack is either expanding the story or universe of say game or giving us a prequel of say game universe or story. I don't mind that but I hate DLC content pay for a map pack or character that is B.S.

edhe3011d ago

Then you disagree not with DLC, but with publisher/developer strategies.

Buy the stuff you like, ignore the stuff you don't.

Common sense.

Steve_Urkel3012d ago

$49.99 > $59.99

Did I dooo that?

George Sears3012d ago

Good article but one suggestion for the author is to either seperate his sentences in smaller paragraphs or either have multiple pages if he is going to write this much.

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