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Examiner: "By now, you should know of Persona 3 and the greatness of the title. It was released twice on the PS2 and each time the game, somehow, got better. The original version of Persona 3 was truly amazing, while the director's cut made the game even better -- which wasn't thought possible at the time. Once again, Persona 3 is back to haunt our minds and takeover our lives with Persona 3 Portable. If you played Persona 3 or FES, you may say to yourself this portable version isn't worth it and if you think that, you are dead wrong. With all the gameplay enhancements of FES, a new female lead character, and some slight alterations to the gameplay formula to make it friendlier for the portable market, Persona 3 Portable may just be the best way to play Persona 3."

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