So You Want Her To Be A Gamer? Pt. 2

Storm of Ironstar writes; "So here we are back with part two of “So You Want Her To Be A Gamer.” Last week was DS games, so in keeping with the handhelds, this week I am going to focus on the top 5 PSP games that I believe will get her into gaming. Again these are just my opinions as to which games I believe will get the non gaming female into gaming. So let's get started shall we..."

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Urmomlol3016d ago

Wow. Do. Not. Care.

If you're so desperate to get your girlfriend to play games with you (instead of, oh, finding an activity that you'll both naturally enjoy) you have a LOT bigger problems than getting her into Halo.

-Judge_Fudge3016d ago

or your just not delicious enough to satisfiy her

UnSelf3016d ago

my girl loves playin with my all black Wiimote

dreamoner3016d ago

I want her to be exist first. You know, most gamers dont have gf.

Nihilism3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

I just want Jessica Chobot...that is all I want for christmas, please fat alcoholic red faced man, make my christmas a merry one. We can re-enact the PSP licking pick with my d...


My GF doesn't play games and my relationship is rock solid because we have our separate interests. Everyone needs their own hobby, I don't watch the same movies, listen to the same music or anything as my gf and it doesn't make a difference.


My GF does that, I ask her if she wants to watch a movie with me and after it finishes she tells me she never wanted to watch it, and that she just did it because she wanted to spend time with kind of pisses me off because I'd prefer her to do something she actually likes....but it's the thought that counts.


Your a braver man than me, I just tell my GF Emille that i'd rather her tell me to go F myself when I ask her to watch a movie she doesn't want to I don't have to sit though 'A Girl Interrupted' and other unbearably bad movies of that nature...

PS360PCROCKS3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

haha awesome! It's nice to have a caring, understanding GF. My last ex would threaten to break my xbox if I played 10 minutes why she was getting ready. If my GF takes the time to watch my movies and play my games. I'm more inclined not to complain when we have to watch a girlie movie.

edit:: Lol some of the movies aren't too bad. I can watch the Notebook and not mind it. Some are unbearably bad yes, I once got stuck watching sex and the city the movie. Fuck my life that was an awful movie. My GF is so nice she wouldn't tell me anything like that. Maybe in 6 months lol we've only just begun

Anime-Vixen3016d ago

♥ You obviously don't have any taste in movies! Both Sex in the city movies were good. If you gave the movie a chance. You would of liked it ♥

PS360PCROCKS3016d ago

Umm "Princess Sarah" you're a girl of course you liked sex in the city. That's like me telling you "That lesbian porno was awesome, if only you gave it a chance you would of liked it"

dinkeldinkse3016d ago

You actually had to watch sex and the city? You poor bastard!

Nihilism3016d ago

LOL sex in the city movies good....that was a good one.

I saw the first, it was the most shallow movie i've ever seen in my life.

Even woman who thought the Sex and the City show was empowering for women loathed the movies because they made women out to be shallow and it was just an excuse for advertising. Look at metacritic, or any women's review of the movie...

Now Waking Life, Pans Labyrinth they are good GF even turned off A Girl Interrupted 10 minutes before the end because despite what she used to think when she was 17....she thought it was stupid @ 24.

PS360PCROCKS3016d ago

I have a new GF who laughs at me playing games and calls me a nerd. But she's also offered to play with me too which is cute. She tells me "I'm going to suck but if I'm spending time with you it's all that matters" So that was surprising for a girl who's 21 years old. I'm happy, I don't think it's a matter of her being a gamer. I think it's a matter of her wanting to spend time with you even if she hates it. Hopefully everyone else gets lucky like me.

SKUD3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

My GF is an accountant. =( She hates video games but at least I get my taxes done for free =)

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