What PSN fans want from future PlayStation 3 updates!

The PlayStation 3 has come a LONG way & it has been a journey of ups & downs, amelioration, as well as calamity. There have been quite a number of system updates that were released in order to fix things such as minor inconveniences, bugs, add new software, or interface features. In fact, one of the latest system updates from the PSN included a "Video Editor" for recording video from a USB camera and then editing it straight from the PS3 to a social networking website or public viewing website such as Google or YouTube.

But, even with all the various improvements installed into the system, fans of the PSN are still hungry for MORE! So I interviewed a couple of locals in Baltimore who own PlayStation 3's and asked them what new system installments they think should be released to make the console even better. And after analyzing these "fan updates", I think that they would vastly improve convenience for PlayStation 3 users everywhere! Check 'em out!

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yewles13044d ago

*runs from impending flood of "CROSS GAME CHAT" screams*

Anime-Vixen3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

♥ I want my comment to be “Justin Bieber Wifey 4ever” but I can't because I don't have enough space! So hopefully they give us more space in a future update ♥

Terarmzar3044d ago

I dont know and dont really care im satisfied with what we have right now.

3044d ago
Godmars2903044d ago

MKV (optional subtitle)and a better browser. Scype integration for cross game chat.

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