First Look: Catherine

A brief look at the upcoming HD title from Atlus for the PS3/360. This article includes screenshots and an accurate translation of the recent article posted on Famitsu gaming magazine's website.

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Game-ur3040d ago

It would be great if turns out to be a new MegaTen spinoff.

Lovable3040d ago

It's not. Persona 5 is on the way, and this game is a trial for Atlus's first game.

TotalPS3Fanboy3040d ago

I love Persona's graphic style.

TheLog3039d ago

I wonder why they dont just show this awesome trailer. It is a definately much better interpretation than screens.

Godmars2903040d ago

One thing this suggest is that any and all Persona titles will be multiplatform. If this is a test for an HD game engine.

Lovable3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I believe Atlus will be using the PhyreEngine for Persona 5 which is a Sony made engine.

"Or at least that's what Kagari over on neogaf is saying. Kagari is certainly reputable, but I'm not so sure about whichever blog she apparently sourced this from.
For those not in the know, PhyreEngine is an engine created by Sony themselves, designed to take advantage of the ps3 and all it has to offer.
"PhyreEngine is a graphics rendering engine provided under a license that allows it to be used by any PS3 game developers and publishers as well as Tools & Middleware licensees in their products. The engine uses sophisticated parallel processing techniques that are optimized for the Synergistic Processor Unit (SPU) of the Cell Broadband Engine™ of the PS3, but can be easily ported to other multi-core architectures. As a result, PhyreEngine has been newly-adopted by dozens of game studios in the last year, now appearing each month on the PlayStation®Store or on Blu-ray Discs."
Numerous released and/or upcoming third party games have been released via this engine, such as Compile Heart's Super Dimensional Game Neptune and Gust's Atelier Totori and Mana Khemia 3. Word is Nippon Ichi are also using it for Disgaea 4, so Atlus licensing the engine as well wouldn't be a surpise.
If Atlus is truly working with the PhyreEngine, I'd assume it has something to do with the recently announced Persona 5."

Godmars2903040d ago

And it looks like they got it running on the 360 as well.

It is a free engine. Just saying.

Lovable3040d ago

Well at the very least, you'll know the game will be on the PS3. Here I'm still hoping that it will go to the 360 since that's the only console I own.

FiftyFourPointTwo3040d ago

I love the art style of this game. Same with Ni No Kuni. ^__^

Rybakov3040d ago

made by atlus check
made by the persona team check...which means
game with story and plot check
made by ATLUS

everything leads to me purchasing it
atlus you tease plesase announce smt p5 and many more smt's in return ill buy what ever you put out

mricecreamman3040d ago

um what is this game?? is this a dating simulation lol?

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