Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike announced for Wii

Ubisoft has announced that Combat Giants:Dinosaurs Strike is in development for the Wii and will be available worldwide in November 2010. As well as details on the game, a new trailer is available.

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dizzleK3014d ago

Why just Wii? I'd like to play dinosaur games and whatnot on ps360, I'd certainly rather have this than more friggin A.C. games.

rumplstilts3014d ago

I'd like a free roaming Dinosaur simulator. You get to choose your species and then have a huge prehistoric island to screw around on. Fight other dinosaurs, form a pack and hunt, defend hatch-lings from predators, escape natural disasters like a volcano or earthquake, fly in the sky as a pterodactyl.

There is so much to do with the idea of a Dinosaur game but no one even puts any effort into them.

SpoonyRedMage3014d ago

This is very interesting because this game was first announced as a 3DS game so we might end up seeing more 3DS/Wii games which could work out well for Nintendo.

Also to those above, this series isn't very good so don't get your hopes up.