Editorial: Controversy Behind 'Medal of Honor' is Pointless

"The following is a response of sorts to Leigh Alexander’s article, “Medal Of Honor Draws Controversy For Real-World War Content,” on Gamasutra. It is highly recommended that you read her article, as it touches on some excellent points in the Medal of Honor controversy and possibly militaristic video games as a whole. Leigh Alexander, Gamasutra’s News Director, is a skilled writer and journalist; this is not meant, by any means, to discredit her or her work.

“Should a reboot of EA’s Medal of Honor series, set during the ongoing war in Afghanistan, cause such controversy?” No.

There are two distinct factors in the media’s opposition to the game – its apparent insensitivity in depicting a present conflict, and its allowance for players to assume the role of Taliban soldiers in multiplayer. Both of these will be addressed respectively."

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Graey3041d ago

Yes I agree. Both sides have valid points. I'd have to agree more with the author of this article. If were going to do this for one game we have to do it for all games.

War is tragic and you loose a lot of yourself when put in that situation. I would say probably people having been to the conflict should probably not play this game. PTSD and all. I'll probably check out a video of it, but honestly not sure I'd like to revisit that area of life you know.

Anyway It really is not fair for either side to be glorified, when you see the bigger picture of it all. War is fcked up both ways.

Me personally I've always wanted to play an FPS that has you getting messages on your target. For instance say you signed up on the games website, they could then email you a message telling you what target you should look for. Kind of like an assassin type game. Not so much run and gun as more tactical, planning things out before you kill your prey.

Trust me If I had the funds, I'd make the hands down best FPS ever. It would be overhauled, turning the whole genre upside down.

wotnerd3041d ago

Thanks a lot! It's not meant to dismiss anybody's concern over such video games or this one specifically, but it's that if we get down to it all military games are messed up yet we still enjoy them which is fine.