First Catherine screens

Famitsu has released the first screens for Catherine.

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Godmars2902671d ago

If this turns out to be an anime style HR focusing on action/comedy, then I'm sold.

N4GAddict2671d ago

I'm already sold since it is Atlus.

sunnygrg2671d ago

I am sold because of the screenshot.

lociefer2671d ago

im taking it behind the bushes first !

Quagmire2671d ago

You and me both, Giggity GOO!

Acquiescence2670d ago

Can someone tell me what "HR" means please?

Acquiescence2670d ago

That's what I thought, but I didn't wanna say anything incase I missed the mark a mile wide.

Anyway, yes I agree, if this is some sort of anime Heavy Rain then it's a day one buy.

Just calling a game Catherine in itself is awesome.

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Reibooi2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )


That looks WAY better then I thought it would. I was basically expecting a higher res version of the engine from Persona 3 and 4. But this looks incredible. While it isn't on a technical level a amazing engine or anything it looks to perfectly compliment the art style which helps it look so good.

Can't wait. It excites me that Persona 5 will look like this or even better when it's finally announced.

I really hope this gets a US release and if it does I really hope they do edit the hell out of it. They are already showing the game looks to be very adult in nature and they have already said it will have erotic scenes I really hope we get it here.

3nd3rth32671d ago

You hope they edit it? I think you forgot a "n't" there. I'm hoping it comes to the US and they don't touch one thing. In fact, don't even try to do voiceovers, just subtitle everything and bring it this way. You know what? If the Japanese version has English subs, I'm importing. Ecchi Horror is where it's at! None of the Hills Have Eyes mutant rape crap. Ecchi Horror is sexy, is horror, is perfect. There, I want Catherine! ;)

Reibooi2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

typo sorry. I type a bit to fast for my own good and can't edit it now.

What I meant to say was I hope they DO NOT edit the game. Because of the mention of erotic scenes it would seem like something that could happen. However this isn't the 90's anymore and Atlus probably knows they would piss off alot of fans for editing the game in any way shape or form.

As far as I'm concered the game has no reason to be edited because it's gonna be a Adult game(something all Atlus games are) and the erotic scenes would be no more taboo then the kinda stuff that has been seen already in games like God of War III and Heavy Rain. The only difference is the art style which sometimes is what makes the difference but I guess time will tell.

As far as making it a sub only game I have to disagree. The dubs Persona 3 and 4 got were incredible and I doubt the dub for this game should it get a release would be any different. However seeing as it's gonna be on next gen consoles there is a chance it will have both dub and subs however with the 360 involved you never know.

3nd3rth32671d ago

Not that I agree with your opinion on the subs vs. dubs, mostly because I haven't played any of the Persona games (shame on em) and because my experience with dubs is always lackluster. But, a good comment is a good comment and therefore, bubbles!

Godmars2902671d ago

Not that most of the people who'll be playing it wont know how to do changes than their parents...

Redempteur2670d ago

for a first attempt at HD , this certainly looks very good

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kesvalk2670d ago

the guy remembers me of jumpei from persona 3

must be the same artist...

TheLog2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Wow! This looks very intresting, link is below. Finally a breath of fresh air from those repetitive shooters! Finally something new rather than same old, same old. If Persona 5 looks like this then my dream has come true.

pinkyxyz2670d ago

looks like a true adult rated game,

versusALL2670d ago

No offense to the fans of this game, but I don't see the big deal, This game doesn't look fun at all. Just saw the trailer I have no idea what the fuck just happen. I mean, good for you if you like it and all this is just my thoughts.

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ranmafandude2671d ago

that's all i need to know lol. gonna preorder this as soon as possible.

dizzleK2671d ago

Why do stories about games that will never leave Japan?

maxcer2671d ago

that didn't stop all the ToV ps3 articles

El_Colombiano2671d ago

PS3 is actually region free.

TotalPS3Fanboy2670d ago

And some peoples can read Japanese.

MetalFreakMike2671d ago


If ATLUS does not make Persona 5 then this kitten will take his own life!

kissmeimgreek2671d ago


Umbrella Corp2671d ago

Kitten:"Persona...", pulls trigger.

TotalPS3Fanboy2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Persona is an incredible JRPG in which you shoot yourself in the head in order to summon a beast, a Persona representing a part of your psyche, to battle enemies.

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Reibooi2671d ago

Atlus has already stated that this game was more or less done to practice and see what could and could not be done on the next gen consoles.

Pretty much it's them getting ready for Persona 5. Personally I think it's a great idea. Why not make a spin off before the next main game so they can make sure Persona 5 is the masterpiece it should be.

rdgneoz32671d ago


At least its a better way to go than...

kraze072670d ago

If that's the New China Buffet in LA (which it looks like) then I've eaten there. Guess that orange chicken wasn't orange chicken after all.