Ironstar Presents: Fanboy of the Week - Episode 6

Treezy of Ironstar writes; "Hey guys another week has come and gone which means it is time to crown another shameless gamer Fanboy of the Week! In this weeks episode we meet shimmybx "a.k.a" Simione J. Brown who is disgruntled with his Xbox 360 and decides to destroy it in a way you have never seen before!"

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Treezy5043011d ago

yeah until that idiot's hammer broke lol

SeanRL3010d ago

The guy sounds like he has a mix of autism and sinus problems. What a dumbass.

dizzleK3010d ago

It was probably stolen anyway. ;p

This is why the world hates America. While they're drinking water that cattle crap in, we've got so much useless s**t that we can afford to just smash it for Youtube videos.

DaReapa3010d ago

And why exactly do you feel it was "stolen anyway"??

-Judge_Fudge3010d ago

and are you saying that becasue hes black

PS3PWNSALL3010d ago

They stole this idea from Torrence Davis of

Treezy5043010d ago

I was influenced by Destructoid's Fanboy Friday.... I'm sure Mr. Torrence was not the originator of the idea to show off a fanboy every week and honestly I had no clue he did anything like this until he signed up on our site when I did the first episode... it's whatever though

DelbertGrady3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

When are you going to feature Chad Warden? He's like the archetype of the N4G PS3 fanboy.

Treezy5043010d ago

@Soda If Chad ever decides to do another video I will most definitely .... I try to do the most recent vids I can find

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The story is too old to be commented.