Week recap: PS3 pace; Xbox 360 cut; Wii restock

Sales for Sony's PS3 keep pace in the latest retail sales data from Japan. The latest PS3 ranked as #4 best selling video game hardware for the week.

Sony this week released the 80GB PS3 to U.S. retailers. Additionally it said that the 60GB version sales have increased more than 100% at the company's top five retailers.

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jinn4061d ago

xbox360 > ps3 > nintendo wii

CRIMS0N_W0LF4061d ago

what a fanboy.

Console war has long way to go and Wii is going strongest now.

deathtok4061d ago

The Wii may be an early sales juggernaut but you know something... it doesn't live up to the hype. My roommate has one and after the novelty of Wii sports wore off, I couldn't care less that it's around.

unsunghero284061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Right, well, as much a killer app as Wii Sports is, you might tell your roommate to get a copy of Zelda or Super Mario Strikers before you give up on it completely...

@ whoever disagreed with me and djt23-
Why?? God, the fanboyism on this site... are you suggesting that it's a bad idea to buy the Wii for anything except Wii Sports?

djt234061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

tell your roommate to get some games and yes they are games out there
and tell your friend WTF and why hell he didnt buy another game
bit.. slap him

edit: damm you fanboy
who disagree with me come on. so you trying to let me that you not suppose to buy a games for your system. OK then stop buying games for your xbox 360 and ps3 fanboy

heroman7114061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

my wii is gathering dust. Motion sensing was overhyped. After a while my wii motes starts messing up. Nintendo couldnt even go and build the motion sensing tool into the wii like sony did ( even though sonys motion sensing thing aint very great ) cause i dont like wires sticking out of my consoles. Plus im tired with this mario crap, every game has to do with that italian plumber.

mikeslemonade4061d ago

The 360 is pathetic. They are going to lose the lead in less than 17 months after being the only console for 12 months. And it's also losing week by week as from E3 to a console that is $150 more with less games and poor ports.

deathtok4051d ago

Everyone made the assumption that there were no other games in the house for the Wii. I specifically chose not to mention them. I said "...after the novelty of Wii sports wore off, I couldn't care less that it's around." I am very much implying the other games I played were not interesting, including Zelda. (Note: Born in 1982, I have been a longtime Zelda fan.)

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Says you4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

And of course maybe they should change the name of the XBox 360 to Breaksdown alot!.

xfrgtr4061d ago Sales Rank: #5 in Video Games Sales Rank: #9 in Video Games

IRONMAN4574061d ago

so wtf are you guys talking about

unsunghero284061d ago

On your definition of "catch up."

No one can deny that the PS3 is selling more than it has been previously, but it takes more than that to actually catch up on install base. The PS3 will actually need to sell MORE units than the Wii for a large amount of time for Sony to regain dominance.

I'm not against Sony or anything, it's just a simple manner of math here...

The Swordsman4061d ago

After a frankly disappointing first few months for Sony, success like this should be good news for them. Lets see what the Christmas season will bare for the PS3. Microsoft are doing well with the price cut, but, as ever, are doing poorly in Japan. All round though, it's been a good week for both companies.

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