Most epic Starcraft 2 match to date

This match is from MasterAsia, one of the top five Zerg players in North America versus TT1, an established Brood War player playing as Protoss as they play on Kulas Ravine. Follow the other three parts to the match after the jump.

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Conloles3037d ago

Man such a good game, strategy like this only possible on PC

evrfighter3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

man i wish I could micro like that :(

starcraft has an almost infinite learning curve.

0mega43037d ago

epic finish never would have thought an exactor coming out.

both these players are excellent micro players

also @psfan999

out of the top 200 1v1

terran has the most players in it

LastDance3037d ago

Hmm I dunno if I would call that epic. It was really boring in the middle.

SeanRL3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Does nobody like the terran? I like them but they don't seem to get much love.

Edit: Part one of four? This went on for a while didn't it?

AndrewE3037d ago

it did, about an hour!

GrilledCheeseBook3037d ago

actually Terran is the most popular faction and in the the game at the moment. lower leagues and ppro
you'll see way more Terran than Zerg

Method3037d ago

Terran is just very boring to play and aesthetically uninteresting compared to the other 2 races. Who the hell wants to play as redneck space marines?

Lich1203037d ago

I play zerg and my only complaint is there lack of variety. Its not bad, but compared to the other races they have 3 less army units to utilize.

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MMFGaming3037d ago

Is that HD Husky? Love that guy's commentary.

Rhapsody_3037d ago

It's HDgamer, Husky is another caster :)

Lich1203037d ago

HD is a great announcer. And that was a great game. I thought I was clever because I thought of the duel building strat before I saw him do it. I thought he had it clenched. Then bam! Extractor.

GrilledCheeseBook3037d ago

I watched this yesterday
most of it is nothing but the conversation makes it worth it and it has one hilarious ending

JonnyBigBoss3037d ago

Is this the replay that went on for an hour? Yep, it's EPIC. I watched it twice. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.