Attacking the Pre-owned Market Shows Contempt for Gamers

Koku writes: "In recent weeks both THQ and Activision have set out their intentions to crush the pre-owned games market, and the danger that it poses to their revenues.

We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, developers and publishers are in the business of making money, and anything that reduces their potential profits will be seen as a threat. Given that the pre-owned market is growing at a staggering rate – with most big-name retailers now offering second-hand games – a sense of unease throughout the industry is to be expected."

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Cinotix2987d ago

Sometimes especially in this economy money is a bit of an issue, so no choice but to get pre-owned games.

dizzleK2987d ago

In all fairness though, if money is tight games should be the first thing you cross off your necessity list.

I think a serious concerted effort to shut down used game sales would simply collapse the industry. Nobody would be willing to buy any games for fear that they'll be stuck with a lemon. $60 is $60 and most people simply can't afford to take those kind of chances.

Ziriux2987d ago

You make a interesting comment, but to many games are what makes them feel better get away from the stress and such. they feel rewarded about playing a game.

cain1412987d ago

I think that title is very harsh...

halocursed2987d ago

DRM raped my sister.. :(

Ziriux2987d ago

Haha bubble up for a hilarious comment.

Carnage12902987d ago

Of course companies are gonna try to stop used game sales, but there are way too many people who walk into gamestop and see a game marked down five bucks and get that one, cause hey why not save a few bucks if you can, without realizing what their doing, and most of them probably wouldn't care. It's just something that we have to deal with.