Fantasy Football is Less Geeky than Video Games?

Koku writes: "My job has me driving all over the US and Canada, and this time it unfortunately had me in Michigan. Clearly Detroit is the hub for most business in the state and it is always a disaster in waiting each time I visit. Friends of mine, particularly those from overseas, do not believe me when I describe this city to them as if a hydrogen bomb went off leaving only burnt out houses, rusty cars, and only the classiest of people."

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GWAVE3015d ago

Y'know, I have friends who hate videogames and mock the very concept of an RPG.

Yet, they get mad when I tell them they play RPGs all the time: fantasy football and tracking stats of football, baseball, and basketball.

Sports are just a more socially-accepted form of nerdism. C'mon, you watch Cloud Strife perform attacks against Sephiroth, and you watch Michigan State score a touchdown against Purdue. What's the difference?

Ziriux3015d ago

You make an excellent point, I think comparing an RPG to fantasy football is perfect.

mikeslemonade3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

It's more like Madden fantasy online. Can't play anymore because I work weekends, so no there's point if I can't watch the games. But when I do play, this is all I do on Sunday. Wake up at 10pm and watch football all the way to 8:30pm and especially when there's money involved.

Dark General3015d ago

I play fantasy football and you guys have it a bit wrong. It's not really just about stats but it's more about saying "I know more than you about football". Sports isn't directly comparable to video games outside of them both being good forms of entertainment. I can't speak for everyone but the majority of people who love sports actually play the sports themselves on some level.

Incognegro3015d ago

Eh...I can't whole heartedly agree. To be honest, I know more people that are into sports that don't currently play than the converse. And a handful of them have never played the sport the like either. I do like fantasy football though, but before I got into it...I remember I used to make fun of people who were pretending they were playing football...atleast that's how I looked at it at the time.

But as far as what's happening with fantasy football and video games...they're very much similar in certain aspects, only thing is you don't have as much control over fantasy as you do with games, but you still have to make strategies and simulations in your head before you make a move. Nothing that isn't familiar with video games, rpgs especially

Dark General3015d ago

I forgot to mention "they either do or have played on some level". Though I do agree with you to a point on them being like video games, you still need strategies etc. I think playing FF is more akin to like playing FPS's or Fighting games online without the interactivity thing.

pixelblades3015d ago

Whatever helps them sleep at night...

Ziriux3015d ago

Yea I'd consider it a game for sure either way you look at it, it's a strategy you have to come up with just like you would playing Starcraft II.

ThePlaystationFour3015d ago

All of my coaches from high school are into Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball..That's all they do when it's not practice.

Valay3015d ago

I've never been into any of the fantasy sports activities. I'd just rather play a sports video game or something instead.

dinkeldinkse3015d ago

I don't get the fantasy sports stuff. It makes more sense and is far more enjoyable to me to actually play a particular sport or a videogame for that particular sport rather than doing a fantasy league.

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