Halo 3 news galore

Not even a week has passed since the last Halo 3 post and there's already a galore of news about the game waiting to be reported on. The chatting system has been discussed, new weapons have been revealed, new scans have been found circulating the net, and people have been spotted playing the actual game online. A lot of stuff to feed your craving minds, indeed...

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jinn3991d ago

before you know it they'll just reveal the ending.

Honeal2g3991d ago

this is all recycled Info just put all in one spot

hopper_papa_roach3991d ago

The second was a let down for me, so the third one is really going to have to be something special for me to buy it, im gonna rent it first theres just too many other games i want.

JustCallMeDaddy3991d ago

I doubt you'll find it for rental anywhere.

deepio3991d ago

Woohoo, halo 3 just keeps getting better and better!!!

batman2million3991d ago

"However, nothing is perfect (save for Jessica Alba)."

i agree

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