Amazon begins selling XBOX 360 with HD DVD player

Amazon is currently selling the XBOX 360 Elite and the HD DVD player for $600. This sku includes:

XBOX 360 Elite
XBOX 360 HD DVD player w/King Kong, 5 free hd dvd offer
"300" on DVD

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the greatest3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

that funny 2 hear
because sometime ago
microsoft said $600 was
to much 4 a video game
(reply) Madmax1281980
so are you saying microsoft
has nothing 2 do with this
BS if its a microsoft
they are behind it

Madmax12819803936d ago

Ye but microsoft arent selling this bundle but amazon is so think b4 u post retard

nasim3936d ago

600$ for a defective console and a dead -format HD DVD

NOTE:- HD DVD addon on x360 plays only movies

SPIDERMAN 1,2,3 ...PIRATES 1,2,3 ,DISNEY and SPIELBERg's movies would never be on HD DVD

BD has 80% hold of exclusive movies.

please dont buy this defective x360 and useless HD DVD addon

cuco333936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

i see you are tooting your BR and ps3 horn in typical fanboy fashion

HD DVD dead? if that's true than BR is dead as well. of the 5% total HD movie sales it is split 60/40 in terms of software and we all know more stand alone players are being sold by HD DVD. it's even right now in my book.

your exclusive hold on studios will soon no longer be there since getting that exclusive hold is already going through european courts for shady dealings. expect a lot of these proBR go neutral. it's business, if 1 format is only selling a little over 1/2 the HD movies, why settle for only one format when you can capitalize on both?

cmon man, do you sony guys always have to preach RROD and dead HD DVD formats? 360 is a great system with tons of great games, HD DVD is far from dead as this format war is far from over. last i checked the ps3 was about games and up until now after all the delayed launches there still isn't 1 killer game on the market that just wows the masses. sure you got F1 for those F1 sim guys, but how many sim guys are there? RFOM is mediocre at best, although good, still mediocre. motorstorm is short, might be fun online but campaign players will surely be disappointed and there's dirt which i feel is better since i'm not 100% into arcade racers. lair looks whack, heavenly sword isn't out yet, neither is MGS4, KZ2, or GT5. these games are coming but there is more hype for them than anything. why drop $ on a waitstation now when you can get it later or enjoy gaming now on a 360? and all the multiplatform releases are better on the defective crapbox, why settle for a next gen port?
besides, wheres your 4D graphics and next gen starts when we say it does?

but to be on topic, this is as stated a bundled package NOT from ms. i wouldn't go for it simply because i'm format neutral and already enjoy majority of my gaming on my 360

tehcellownu3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

LMAO didnt xbots saying how 600 dollars is expensive...haha the table turns...MIcrosoft screwing around with you guys with all these version of 360s...and to top it off the system die so easily..and the 360 isnt even the elite.its wanna be clone of ps3.....hahahah..this is just too funny!!

socomnick3936d ago

I honestly dont see hd-dvd or blueray winning I see this format war is gonna become a draw because there is already a huge stand alone player base for hd-dvd and they will continue to buy movies I eventually expect both formats to be sold along side each other.

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frostbite063936d ago

Dude you also get 300 in this bundle. Thats a nice little bonus

persian_prince3936d ago

they only give you 300 on dvd for the bundle (and not hddvd)

unsunghero283936d ago

A 360 bundle that is comparable to the PS3...

I hate to be the jerk who starts up a flamewar, but does that mean yes or no on the built-in Wi-fi?

aaquib23936d ago

$100 for wifi. Oh yeah, dont forget another $50 for LIVE.

Dr Pepper3936d ago

The (official) Xbox 360 wireless adapter is $100, but you can buy a cheaper one to use instead.

Bloodmask3936d ago

You are retarded. This is a bundle that Amazon offers. There is no 360 that costs $600.

And yes $600 is too much for a console. Do you think Sony dropped the price just bc they felt like being nice??

Sony did it bc the PS3 was selling like @ss and they had no other choice.

aaquib23936d ago

Cause before you couldnt afford a PS3, now you cant afford this bundle, so you're going to try to spin it around? XBOX 360 is a barebone console, and even with the HD DVD player, its still missing wifi, free online and more, but costs $100 more than the PLAYSTATION 3.

P.S. What do you mean it was selling like @ss?

1. @SS sells REALLY well(playboy)
2. PS3 is murdering 360 sales even after the price drop(see vgcharts or amazon)

Says you3936d ago

Even cost $400 considering it doesnt have those features like the PS3 it should be more like $300 alteast in a way Microsoft is ripping people off since it barely has any features so what are you talking about oh yeah $400 is a fair price not really! atleast Nintendo knew how to settle there price right unlike a system that cant even last for 1 sec maybe they should make it more like $140.

razer3935d ago

hahaha.. I'm sorry man but you are an idiot!

The 360 does everything for me my PS3 does and guess what??? I've never had a problem with it.. 1 sec yea your not a freakin drama queen or anything..

You fail.

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