Gamescom 2010: Explosive Call of Duty: Black Ops presentation shakes the room

El33tonline writes:

"At gamescom today, El33tonline got a great behind-closed-doors presentation of Call of Duty: Black Ops from Treyarch, showing two missions from what is sure to be the next blockbuster entry to the franchise."

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Odin7772987d ago

Black Ops isn't looking too bad, but I just can bring myself to get excited for this. Too much Call of Duty too fast.

xYLeinen2987d ago

Yea I kinda agree. Black Ops isn't looking too bad, but I don't share the same excitement for it compared to other games out there. I LOVED the first MW, but the 2nd got waaay to unbalanced (mainly because of perks) on my part. And when I saw the RC car killstreak I got very mixed feelings.

Sameh2987d ago

"El33tonline" has to be one of the worst website names I've ever heard. of.

tomisnever2987d ago

I'm really looking forward to Black Ops, i thought World at War was a very decent game. Treyarch seem to want to please the fans, so hopefully they'll listen to the outcry against MW2 even though it sold well. Listen to the fans, not the sales.

finbars752987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

It looks alright but nothing that moves me a whole lot.I can see so much stuff in this game being tampered with.Im more less debating on this one.I dont want to buy a game thats going to be another hype train wreck.Im looking forward to the next modernwarfare because the guys who did the original deadspace are creating it so I expect a more in depth SP and Im sure they will do the MP the right way since they will have been working on this for 2 1/2 yeas before it comes out.It will give them a better idea of what people truely want and hopefully stick by it.I just see BlackOps being plagued with issues.I do feel that activision needs to step in and spend some money on dedicated servers that work and do lots of beta tests.

richard9192987d ago

eeehhhhh im gonna have to pass on this game. im worn out on call of duty. not saying itll be bad or anything just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much call of duty in waaaaaaaaaaay too short a period of time.

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