Gameinformer: Sucker Punch Talks Cole’s Re-Redesign In Infamous 2 And Sly HD

gameinformer writes: "Very rarely does a developer take community feedback about character design to heart and quickly turn around a new look in a matter of months. Find out why this led to another revamping of the character’s look and what the developer thinks of the remastered Sly Collection."

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Jeff2573040d ago

There is nothing wrong with the new voice actor. Granted he isnt as gruff as the first guy but to me he sounds a lot more natural now. Dont expect them to change every single bit of dialog they have in the game though. Changing the look of the character is a lot cheaper than bringing someone in to re record all that dialog.

vickers5003040d ago

inFamous is not supposed to be natural.

Jeff2573040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I loved the first inFamous and still play it from time to time, but my biggest complaint with it is that the voice actor sounded too much like he was trying to be Batman. It really broke the game experience for me at times. There are times where someone needs to have some inflection and tone to their voice to get a point across. But Cole sounded pissed all the time.

vickers5003040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

He was SUPPOSED to be pissed off all the time. Do I need to remind you what happened to him? This new crappy voice actor, while not going to ruin the game entirely for me, is definitely going to put a damper on the quality of the story in inFamous 2.

The voice from Snake from the mgs games really annoyed me and had that batman syndrome you were talking about, but I wouldn't protest to have his voice changed to something I like, because I would ruin it for other people that liked his voice.

Same here, except those of you that didn't like Cole don't have the slightest bit of courtesy towards the fans that actually appreciated the character.

zireno3040d ago

bubbles @vickers500

That's exactly how I feel about the changes they have made to his voice, it's awesome that the new redesign looks like the Cole from Infamous 1 but man, he SHOULD be pissed off about what happened to him and that was why his voice needs to be like it was in the first game, but oh well u_u I don't think they will change that and it's not a deal breaker for me so I can't wait to play this game.

shadow27973040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Original Cole's voice may have seemed forced and laughable at times, but man could he deliver an epic line when had to. The monologue after the final boss, for example. The "I'll be ready" line got me sooo pumped - I was ready to play inFamous 2 right then and there.

gamerzBEreal173039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

what don't you understand this is a game u can play 2 ways the way u played it was not the only way is a good guy hero supposed to be "pissed off"? NO! old cole only worked with the evil story line even with the blue lightning he looked to bad as$ and his voice was to mean to be a good guy new cole can be a good guy are a bad one his look can change more maybe as a villian u get a hair cut a cool jacket like the oldcole and as a good guy u stay the same there wasn't much to change on old cole are new-new cole i prefer new cole however i dont think voices/looks make the gam any worst are better so we should all shut up and wait for the game to be done

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ReservoirDog3163040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

We've heard about 3 lines of dialogue from the new voice actor. Just give him a chance.

Sucker Punch always had a very unique style with visuals and voice acting, so, I don't doubt them. Especially since they're aiming so high.

And Sly 4? Well, I'll wait till I play InFamous 2 before I start asking for that, especially with the Sly Collection coming out soon.

edit: Remember everyone, life's more fun when you're not so negative.

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3sq3040d ago

I know what's missing, it's his beard. Beard is badass.

RememberThe3573040d ago

and I must say, I look pretty badass.


Sunny_D3040d ago

me too dude. Beards ftw.

Army_of_Darkness3040d ago

I can only grow a mustache with a little goatee

RememberThe3573040d ago

I just got a little 2pac goatee thing going on. Any facial hair is bad ass.

From Teir 1 to goatee, it's all man stuff.

fedex6823040d ago

Looked more like pubes!

N4BmpS3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

*Sigh* it still pisses me off that people, whom otherwise really didn't care made such a big deal about his redesign. Oh well, I like his new/old look as well but this further proves my point that gamers can hold back creativity and in term hold back progress.

@below: yeah I agree with that and looking at how he looks now it does fit the tone of inFAMOUS, Cole really should be a hard oiled super-hero given how he came to be a superhero. But more specifically, I had a problem with the people saying "inFAMOUS 2 was scewed up" and "was going to fail." If I had seen more reasonable comments like yours, okay. But people just went dumb.

Jeff2573040d ago

I never had an issue with the redesign and Im probably one of the few who liked it. That being said with the more recent redesign he does look more like his old self while bringing something new to it. This should make it easier for people who have played the first reconnect with the character and for those who may buy inFamous 2 without having played the first could go back after playing 2 and buy one and also see the connection.

rdgneoz33040d ago

I loved the first game and platinumed it. But when they first came out and showed a new look for him and new voice actor, it was like a completely different character and not the one I enjoyed playing as in the first game. I'll deal with the voice actor, but its nice that they brought back the old look.

pippoppow3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

It was like it was going the hollywood route. Get characters pleasing to the eye. Forget about looking th part just get good looking characters/actors. The film business can learn a thing from Sucker Punch. Characters that look the part are more important than characters that look good. Original cole fit the role much better.

Tikicobra3040d ago

I had no problem with the new Cole, per say. What I couldn't stand was that it's supposed to be a direct sequel and they totally changed him. It made no sense in the context of the story.

I still say they should just use the old Cole's face and give him hair, and maybe his douchebag beard.

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