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The Fight: Lights Out can be played with just one PlayStation Move motion controller

In an interview conducted by TheSixthAxis, The Fight: Lights Out's Associate Producer Kieran Gaynor has revealed that the Move-exclusive street fighting game can indeed be played with just one PlayStation Move motion controller after all.

There is a catch tho. (Move, Playstation Move, PS3, The Fight: Lights Out)

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TheTeam06  +   1711d ago
"There is a catch tho."
hahaha....... "tho".

On Topic - I would get two for this game either way. With that said, I won't be getting this game. Luckily there are plenty of others to buy.
deadreckoning666  +   1710d ago
The Fight: Lights Out can be played with just one PlayStation Move motion controller
Wow, this is gunna shut up alot of peoples claims that u need 2 Move controllers to play this game. This def shut me up.
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GuruStarr78  +   1711d ago
Hmmmm, I thought the navigation controller would have motion sensing capability, like the wii nunchuck? That does not make sense that it doesnt, especially since it's $30! He's saying we've got to use a sixaxis with the move controller to play this in lieu of a second move wand? that sucks.
rdgneoz3  +   1710d ago
Its wireless and rechargeable, and isn't always needed since you can use a DS3 instead of it, and the wand has better motion sensing and precision than anything else.
Also, to those complaining about buying 2 wands, if you were ever gonna play 2 player games with any "real life friends", you might need a 2nd controller so there's not much to b!tch about when having to have 2 wands for a single player game.
yewles1  +   1710d ago
"That does not make sense that it doesnt, especially since it's $30!"

Actually, it DOES make sense since it's $30.
Ju  +   1710d ago
How does that suck ? Everybody got a sixaxis. I would imagine it's even better to hold in your hand (for a boxing) game than the Navi. It works quite well in a handful of other games, too (like that bowling game).
iWaggle3D  +   1711d ago
The official specs for the Navigation controller don't mention any motion sensing capabilities so we have to assume it lacks them.

Sadly, nobody asked a straight question to Sony about it.

But yeah, I'm 99% positive there is no sensor in the Navi. Like this interview seems to further confirm. He would have mentioned the Navi otherwise no?
Ju  +   1710d ago
I am sure it doesn't. KZ3 pres mentioned throwing grenades with the motion controller, not the Navi (while pressing a button). That would be one case where motion recognition with the Navi could come in handy - and would possibly have been implemented if possible.
GuruStarr78  +   1710d ago
I'm really suprised that they would make it without motion sensing, if thats the case, it really is only an analog stick with a few buttons....kinda dumb, but I guess it's part of the plan to make you go out and buy a second move wand....unless you want to use your sixaxis, which just doesnt seem like it would feel right to me.
tiamat5  +   1710d ago
Hmmmmm. Not sure if this is practical but I suppose if you really want to buy the Fight and don't have enough to buy another Wand at least you have an option. With the Fight recently getting better previews some of us may want to use this option.
GuruStarr78  +   1710d ago
I can afford a second wand...but is it practical? I mean to own a second wand just for this one game? I'm not gonna invest in another wand unless they have plans to make several games that will use both.....know what I mean? :)
iWaggle3D  +   1710d ago
Well, what about local multiplayer games? You might not feel like purchasing a second Move just now, but down the line you might happen to actually need another Move just to play with friends.
rdgneoz3  +   1710d ago
I'm getting a 2nd wand for the Time Crisis bundle and for a few other multiplayer games. But it seems some people that don't need 2 wands because they don't play games with real life friends want to complain.
kasasensei  +   1710d ago
"In order to fight with both hands despite having just one motion controller, you can use a SixAxis/DualShock 3 as a secondary "rudimentary Move controller". Not sure how safe this could be for your HDTV, but there you have it."

What a joke...
chrisgay  +   1710d ago
I saw a video of Greg Miller playing this game with 2 Move controllers and it just looked terrible.

I respect that Sony and developers are offering options for those not wanting to buy new controllers, but this and using half a DualShock in place of a Nav controller, are not particularly good alternatives. I think I'd rather stick to normal games than bodge together a motion control setup that is awkward and uncomfortable.
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LarryMiller  +   1710d ago
It would be nice if the navigation controller had sixaxis capabilities like the DS3

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