Killzone 3 New footage " kinda "

You may have seen a lot of KZ3 from GamesCom but FirstPlay magazine has a little more for you Helgan fans


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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Amazing, best looking game of 2011 like she said.

kx113037d ago

i have to agree with her too , my favorite 2011 game so far

3037d ago
deadreckoning6663037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"So they dont agree that its not the bet looking game of 2011??"

We haven't seen every game to come out in 2011..which is why the first comment is getting disagrees. I disagreed as well. And Alpha's right..objectively speaking, Crysis 2 on PC will look better than KZ3. I never understood why the PC gets ignored on N4G so much. Its the most popular gaming console in the world. More people in the world have a PC than PS3,360, Wii owners combined.

Btw, why do the comments in KZ3 articles primarily revolve around graphics? The game has other more important elements IMO..u gameplay. I swear, theres always at least 2 or 3 people that feel the need to mention Rage or Halo Reach and how they compare to KZ3 graphically. Whats the point and what do you have to gain from getting into these highly subjective arguments?

-Alpha3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Well you kind of contradicted yourself. It can't be best looking game of 2011 if you are going to selectively choose Crysis for consoles. The PC does exist, and Crysis 2 will likely have "best" graphics for 2011 if you include the PC.

Crysis is amazingly photo-realistic and some of the physics I've seen are incredible.

Regardless, I am much more interested for Killzone 3. Why? Gameplay and Multiplayer seems better so far. It's an exclusive firstly, and as a result I expect to see more happening with the game. As a game Killzone excites me more, but it's not fair to say K3 will have the best graphics of 2011 and then choose not to include the PC in the definition.

iFLOWLIKEWATER3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


and a double Meh for her dumb accent.

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aceofspades3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

im buying KILLZONE 3 the day it comes out. ive personally have not seen any shooter graphically better on consoles. "RAGE" "CRYSIS 2" "HALO REACH" "K.I.L.L.Z.O.N.E. 3."

Mista T3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )


it's gonna take a lot more than pretty graphics for me to buy kz3, I bought kz2 near day 1 and it bored me to death.

only a beta or demo will change my mind

All_4_One3037d ago

Not only is Killzone 3 far and away the best looking of those, it stomps them in animations and gameplay too.

callahan093037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

@Mista T:

That link didn't really prove that Reach isn't the weakest, though. I mean, don't get me wrong, the game has a lot going for it, like the geometry is very smooth and the lighting and reflections are impressive. But what's wrong with it is that the textures are incredibly bland. There's just no texture detail anywhere. Everything just looks like shiny, smooth shapes, nothing has POP to it, there's just no TEXTURE there. It's like most surfaces are just a more or less solid color. It makes the world look pristine, which can be attractive, but it also makes it look like it lacks in detail when you examine the scene.

The video that aceofspades posted for Reach has much more detailed and technically impressive graphics going on. Not sure how you think yours proved a point, because the original video definitely shows a more impressive level.

CaptainKratos3037d ago

what about Deus Ex: Human Revolution. that game looks cooooool.

Socrates3037d ago

Hmm...I'll judge them when I actually play them. I've seen videos of each of them that look amazing and then in other videos they don't look as good.

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Mista T3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

notice the comments above, it's all about the graphics to them, not a mention of gameplay or fun factor "

"looking" could be anything

All_4_One3037d ago

That`s because the first comment was commenting on the graphics. Simple, it really is.

nickjkl3036d ago

thats because we havent played the game yer

cod modern warfare 2 looks fun you play it its not fun

blasian3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

This will be hard for best looking game of 2011 it will probably be between this and Last guardian.

Edit: Well if you dont add in Crysis for PC as alpha stated.

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ULTIMATE_REVENGE3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Killzone 2.5

kx113037d ago

do you mean Killzone 2 (3D) ? :P

CryofSilence3037d ago

Put Killzone 2 (3D) in a formula, and the product is Killzone 6D. ;)

Cevapi883037d ago

did you just really say that based off pre-alpha footage...good job man...i like your logic...and the fact that we havent seen the game in 3d nor a lot of move footage, you still go out and say kz 2.5....ohhh and lets not forget all of the new features in MP....but as it stands, its still kz 2.5 for must be disappointed by a game that doesnt release in another 6 months

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Considering that all they did with the last 3 builds of KZ2 was play around with the lighting and change the characters clothing, I can say for sure that it won't look any different than this.

People always say to wait for the last build, but when the final build is shown for many games they always look the flippin same. The only difference I can see is a few sharp textures here & there, but apart from that this looks exactly like KZ2.

you should be happy i'm not calling it Killzone 2.1, and 3D? LOL 3D sucks!

@Below: I think both RAGE and Crysis 2 look better than this in terms of everything.

Hellsvacancy3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

And i think Kinectimals looks even better, but then again, i am on drugs right now, i can admit it "I HAV A PROBLEM"

Cevapi883037d ago

sony loyalist?? that.....that....well that really hurt mister...its not nice to play with someone feelings :( :( :(

oh snap i should be happy that you aren't calling it KZ 2.1....damn you are so good at pinpointing graphical features in games that you should be working for GG and show them how its done

and you are SURE that it won't look any different...alright, remember this comment when the game comes out...and remember that it was you who said it...and as for the "wait for the last build" part....Uncharted 2 has something to say about that...

i still find it funny that you are trying to critique a game that has some of the best graphics on the PS3...and if you even bothered to read my comment you would have realized that the majority was about the new features that will be incorporated in the game like new enemies, new settings, a totally revamped MP, new ways to experience the know those things that are needed to make a SEQUEL to a game...BUT you still stand on by your belief that KZ 3 is KZ 2.5 just based off of your critique of the graphics because you have the best expertise in the world of what looks the same and what looks better

3037d ago
Socrates3037d ago

And what about you, MulticonsoleOwner? You chose that user name in the hopes that people would think you were a level headed gamer. In reality you should just change your user name to PS3Fanboy since that is what you actually are.

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Which Killzone 2.5 looks better than any other FPS on ''Consoles'' even in Pre Alpha Build.

Yardie3037d ago

Actually, it's killzone 2, because the last one was pretty much killsone 1.5

No different from the first killzone.

DORMIN3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Especially with the slew of improvements just released for the MP, confirmed variety in environments (jungles, space), and the 3D and Move support.

Oh yeah, and this game is still in Alpha build if you understand what that means, which I doubt.

EDIT: "Pre-alpha" -__-

Yardie3037d ago

I have a question, what makes a sequel a sequel?

since '06 we have been dealing with new IPs and games new to the ps3 and 360 (new tech)
and we have come to a time now where we have found the limitations of the consoles. don't expect games to have the huge graphical improvements.

Killzone 3 is a NEW game, that improves on killzone 2.
Slightly better graphics, vehicles in multiplayer, move support, new story mode, better controls(apparently), new environments,JETPACKS, new guns.

milf_sex3037d ago

Well, considering KZ2 still looks better than Halo Reach....Killzone 2.5 isstill gonna be awesome. Its gonna have new settings (jungles, outer space, etc.) that they haven't showed yet, so its most definitely not 2.5

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redsnake3037d ago

killzone 1 and killzone 2 werent alike at all. they werent even in the same generation... stupid fanboy

Yardie3037d ago

I don't see anyone else here, so you must be talkin to me.

if you are, i apologise for not adding "/sarcasm" at the end

JAMurida3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Pre-alpha and the game looks that good... God forbid the final version.

LiViNgLeGaCY3037d ago

Oh dear god I cannot wait for this game! Many sleepless nights are forseen when I get my hands on this.

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