Warren Spector says game devs are 'still making cartoons'

"When Warren Spector told Gamescom attendees that the denizens of his chosen profession are "still making cartoons," he wasn't referring to his upcoming illustrated opus, Epic Mickey. Rather, he was voicing his opinion on what he sees to be one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today: game developers' proclivity for attempting (and ultimately failing) to mimic the storytelling techniques of movies, comics and other forms of popular media."

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Otheros003039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Games are not movies!! but they can have the feel of movies. Telling a story in a game like a movie DOES NOT WORK!!! How are cartoons story bad? Last time I check family guy was way better than most movies that came out this year to a few years ago.
Edit: You are not even the writer to the games you work on. So your opinion means squat. The writers are the ones doing the story telling so you shouldn't be saying squat about other games's story. I agree that most games can use better story but you have no right to say that when you are not even the person writing the story of the games you work on.

It's like turn 10 saying books are not immersive like flopza.