Rumour: trouble at LucasArts, no more Lego games

After president Darrell Rodriguez and several executives at LucasArts suddenly resigned a few months ago, and then the creative director of The Force Unleashed II Haden Blackman leaving mid project, new rumors of problems within LucasArts are not so surprising.

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big_silky3011d ago

Had they made a solid SW Battlefront 3 they'd have occupied CoD's position now. Just bad business decisions.

Galaxia3010d ago

If Battlefront 3 had been released I think I would play that every day till BF4 came out.

Lucasarts are just beyond insane and out of touch this gen. I almost hate them now after loving them so dearly last gen and the one before.

bumnut3010d ago

i agree 100%, they created one of the biggest franchises ever and appear to do very little with it.

i hoped to be playing 256 player online tie fighter by now :(

Quagmire3011d ago

Oh NOES! What are we gonna do with NO MORE LEGO GAMES! My gaming life is Over.

I has a sad.../

TLG19913010d ago

well maybe they will start thinking about what might make some money and make monkey island 5 or a new grim fandango. i think they need someone on the outside telling them what games to make

Nihilism3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

There has been trouble at lucasarts for a long time. It started with kotor 2, in their greed they forced obsidian to release the game before it was finished hence the no ending/no kotor 3...seriously even if lucasarts ever did release a new kotor or battlefront, I don't know if i'd buy them

I have bought so many lucasarts games over the years and even after their gaming ventures started on PC they abandoned it and made B.S statements like "it takes a $4000 to play TFU"....seriously, someone is smoking way to much pole.

rogue squadron 1 & 2 (n64)
rogue squardon 3: rebel strike (gamecube)
kotor 1 and 2 ( bought them on xbox and PC )
battlefront 1 and 2 ( bought them on xbox and PC )
star wars empire at war ( pc )
star ware empire at war: forces of corruption ( pc)
tie fighter ( pc )
shadows of the empire ( n64 )
pod racer ( n64 )
star wars galactic battleground ( pc )
super star wars (SNES )
super star wars empire strikes back (SNES)
super wtar wars return of the jedi ( SNES)
lego star wars ( ps2 )
star wars rebel assault ( pc)
star wars republic commando ( xbox )

Then after that loyalty they cut all their franchises in half, no proper sequels and sell out for the highest MMO

Calm Down Sunshine3010d ago

Outstanding game, escorting the convoy was always one of my favourite missions... I really don't know why.

Star Wars Racer Revenge (PS2) was also brilliant, even though it was basically Wipeout without the weapons.

lzim3010d ago

pod racer </3


starfighter... wtf Lucasarts.. without movies you can't fund games no more? Make more movies!!!

Tres213010d ago

i actually really liked Republic Commando & ive been hoping the would do so much more wit the game in a sequel but ur right alot of games just havent been followed up wit. i think they end them that way so they can make movies 4 them all & shadows of the empire also

dorron3010d ago

The Force Unleashed III canceled? Sad to hear that...

Yeah, more Monkey Island games should be developed!

Please someone fire that Paul Meegan!

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The story is too old to be commented.