GameSpot: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hands-On and Interview

Yes, Killzone 3 is a great looking game, but what does it feel like to play? Developer Guerrilla was showing off two new multiplayer modes at Gamescom 2010, both of which add a unique twist to familiar gameplay ideas. A host of improvements have also been implemented under-the-hood, with Guerrilla promising a re-written matchmaking system, better bots, and improved integration with

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HelghastKid3011d ago

6 abilities per class? Thats sweet, but i have a feeling that if they still have the assault class it will be unstoppable x.x

Phantom_Slippers3011d ago

FML, assault class will get banned again with no issue lol not only that but im glad they added vehicles that can get owned really fucking fast even without explosives...

redsquad3011d ago

The matchmaking did need a bit of work - Plenty of times I've joined a KZ2 game and been put on the same team as a whole load of Generals (many with the top 1% ribbon) pitched against nothing but Sergeants.... Hardly sporting old chap.

Phantom_Slippers3011d ago

i was actually part of that 1% ribbon and be totally one sided with the 3 stars and stripes group lol

Anti-PS33011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

This game is going to be awesome. MFRs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phantom_Slippers3011d ago

i do have one question though that they didnt come across that i noticed about this video... will all guns get hologrpahic scopes? or is it a select few?

ivant3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

I hope the new spawning system means the spawn flares are gone.

Looks like GG has finally started doing what other main FPS developers have been doing for eons

KZ2 needed vehicles what with great games like Halo, Warhawk, BC having them plus the vehicles in KZ2 SP were awesome to use.

The ranking in in KZ2 was a joke. Now, GG has done what the others do. Good.

Likewise with spawn points like other shooters...avoiding spawn/nade fests.

Controls too have been sharpened up with the inclusion of the Move.

Knife now included in MP. Should have always been in KZ2 MP from the start as well as all the well as the cover system. Let the chaos -- killing -- evolve naturally, instead of handicapping players

The fans have spoken and GG has listened.

PS. Motion controlled shooters are the future, boys. So if you are a diehard DS3 user....suffer!

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