Homefront - Packshot revealed + new Screens

THQ now revealed the official Packshot of Homefront. There are also new Sreenshots.

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jbiz3203015d ago

Another year (2011) of generic shooters.. bored.

pixelsword3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

If done right, this game could give players the psychological jarring that the Patriot Act should have.

Krugsy3015d ago

I really like the box art, and I am looking forward to this. Yes its another FPS, but I think this has the more interesting storyline/idea out of the 'war' sub-genre.

Bolts3015d ago

So this game is about the North Korean invasion of America? LOL!! Why didn't they go with a more probable scenario like an alien invasion or time traveling dinosaurs?

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