Latest Famitsu's Most Wanted Top Twenty

Dragon Quest IX pulling away from the pack, Halo 3 falls out of league and ASH making itself known.

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MK_Red4061d ago

Wow, Lost Odyssey is really on the rise there. Aside from Halo 3 leaving their list, not much has changed, specially with the top 5. I'm not a big Halo fan but I still can't really understand how Halo 3 is not among their top 20 and how on earth could a simple DS game defeat FFXIII, MGS4, Biohazard 5 and most imporatantly Monster Hunter 3. MH2 on PSP is the best seller of 2007 so far in Japan according to Fmaitsu. Nad Mario Galaxy not in top 5!? Japanese gamers have a really really different taste than other gamers. Hope one day all gamers unite for the benefit of true gaming.

Rute4061d ago

"Hope one day all gamers unite for the benefit of true gaming."

Is there something called false gaming then?

orange144061d ago

Monster Hunter... I still haven't seen anything about this game. It's Japan only, right?

AznSniper4061d ago

we don't know yet....but i think we will have to wait till TGS

BubblesDAVERAGE4061d ago

I love Monster Hunter you should check it out no matter what system it is on. I played the one on ps2 and the off line was hard but the online is where the game shined...It was on of ps2's best online games

cooke154061d ago

ASH is looking godly :)

Bloodmask4061d ago

part Japanese gamers stick to what they know is good through previous playing.

As most of the top anticipated games are sequals.

Honeal2g4061d ago

i saw like 3 games that come out for both 360 and ps3 up there and they only listed ps3 and i doubt the content is different in the games... and i kno that they prefer the there systems but i dont think they let the public know that those games arent exclusive

GoLeafsGo4061d ago

Maybe people just want it more on that platform in particular?
At any rate, unless it was a FF/DQ game coming on the 360, you'd have trouble finding it in the top 5 of any mag's Japan's Most Wanted.

djt234061d ago

because Japaneses people are going to buy ps3 ver
if you know xbox 360 dont exist in japan

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